Logging me out and wheres my Dubs?

  • So first off. Anyone else getting tired on clicking on a new upload to see it isn't a dubbed episode yet? On the new episodes theirs no way to select dubbed only as well as there being noting under the episodes to inform you if it is or inst dubbed, and in the Queue. It takes me to the shows page to where I can find the dubs but puts me threw way to much work as i have to do that for each and every one of my animes on my queue page just to see whats dubbed.

    Also. Why dose the site keep logging me out? Sucks when I got to log in before i can watch the next episode of a anime or when i want to look at my queue.

    Not a bad looking site but its causing more work for us to just watch what we are wanting to see.

  • There are dubs, but problems are being reported with user interface; locking you into Japanese.

  • If you're having a technical issue, please submit a support ticket to www.funimation.com/contact-us and let the tech team know about it. They'll check into it as soon as they are able.

  • @SpacemanHardy Already did. My problem is the extra steps I must take to see if somethings dubbed or not.

  • Yea the whole funimation now thing kinda wrecked everything. I like searching for only dub by year, two features that are now gone, as well as having to log in again if i so much as make the mistake of clicking on something. Extremely unhappy with this change

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