Describe your favorite anime horribly

  • Basically what the title says (though I guess it doesn't NEED to be your favorite). I saw something like this on facebook and reading the replies was hilarious (thank you J-List).

    Obvious vague spoilers will obviously be obvious.

    The almost kind of generic but not entirely generic harem anime protagonist died and the crimson headed devil hime (who is totally not kind of like a disney princess) with DD cups gives him a second life on a whim. He has boner powers where the more he gets a hard-on he doubles in power. Devil forbid a girl gets hurt. At least he's honest about his love of the rack. He later gets so angry at the thought of the racks of his not actually a harem harem shrinking that he unleashes a terabyte of power. The lore is pretty decent but people can't get past the T&A so lets focus on that shall we? The Hime has muscular ta-tas that are DD cups while her right hand gal has (uhmmm) "squishy" E cups. The obligatory neko-loli-sugar loving-girl has (who guessed it) no bits to speak of. Of course there is a possible gay guy in the harem too but the protag won't admit that he'd go gay for him. Then you have two counter-intuitive god worshipping maou girls where one has a developing pair and is the healer of the group because she would pretty much be a priest in mmo terms and we need the mmo parallel. Mr. Protag only thinks of her as a sister and nothing else. Then you have the girl that was closest to actually getting the D who has her endowment described as the best of princess hime and her right hand gal. They go on an adventure trying to slay a dragon, a god, and a devil king candidate (who is a bitch btw).

    Mr. Protag's powers, aside from boner multiplying has: X-ray vision for penetration powers, a stripping power that only works on women because he's antihomo, and a holy sword in his jerking arm... i mean his dragon arm that he'll never use. By all means, this harem protag is probably the closest to getting his V card revoked but for some reason he can't just do it off screen. I should mention there is a lot of nudity but for some reason, none of the good stuff ever get shown. It later turns to be more of a shounen action show than a seinen show till the author (very obviously) recognized that he started appealing to children and decided to go right back to T&A.

  • @darthrutsula163 It's High School DXD.

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