Fairy Tail Zero: Removed from the site?

  • I know that Fairy Tail Zero was originally a simulcast dub back when it was released (2015?), and that it was still readily available prior to the upgrade to the site recently. That said, I was waiting for the rest of season 7 before I moved into watching Zero. Now that I finished season 7 (holy crap, the reveals in this series are amazing, but that's another conversation), I was finally eager to start on Zero.

    When I try to access it from the Fairy Tail page, however, nothing pops up. Have the episodes removed, or was there an error in coding when they transferred the videos?

    EDIT: Apparently it is a coding issue. I was able to find the episodes through the search feature. I'm going to leave the post to hopefully alert the site that Zero isn't actually attached to the main Fairy Tail page, just in case, but anyone who takes the time could find it with a little effort. Thing is they probably won't all take the effort and simply assume the episodes aren't there.

  • Just to confirm: if I go to https://www.funimationnow.uk/shows/fairy-tail/ and select "Zero" from the dropdown, the season/episode selection panel disappears completely (I've raised a ticket for this problem with other shows). Is this the same problem you are experiencing, and have you opened a ticket?

  • What did you search for in order to find the episodes, I keep coming up with nothing. I, also, would like to finish the series with Zero. Please let me know. Thanks.

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