Please Make the Queue on Website not Limited to 15 Shows

  • Since the update to the website the queue experience has been pretty bad. I find it annoyingly bulky with a lot of unused white-space, but with that aside for now, I've noticed that the queue list actually seems to have a limit applied to it on the website version. The limit to the number of shows that the queue will show seems to be 15. I currently have 17 shows on my queue list and the last 2 shows on the list do not show up on the website's queue list. I can view the queue perfectly fine on the mobile app, but on the website it will not show properly. My suggestion is to make the queue list on the website allow an unlimited number of shows or at the very least double it to show 30 shows. I know there are probably not many people like me who hold over 15 shows on their queue list, but we do exist. Below are screenshots that I took that show what I'm talking about.

    0_1485064694826_Funimation Website Bottom of Queue.PNG

    0_1485064740592_Funimation App Bottom of Queue.png

  • I have 100 shows on my queue. It loads more once you reach the bottom of the page. If that is not working it may be a browser issue; have you tried another browser, or using inprivate/incognito mode (to eliminate a plugin issue)?

  • I use Funimation exclusively through the website and I don't see any missing show in my queue. I have around 20 shows on it at the moment and I can see them all. So I think the problem lies somewhere else too.

  • @Shirobane Thank you for responding. I can now confirm that none of your suggested solutions work for me. I tried using FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, and also their incognito modes if available, and nothing would still load the rest of the list. I even tried editing the list and anything that was past number 15 just refuses to show up for me still. Just for fun I also tried 2 other computers and I am still having the same issue unfortunately. Even clearing the cache doesn't work. Well at least this seems more like an issue for my account personally rather than a global thing.

  • @funimation-user-2315542 Be sure to send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about your issue. They'll look into it as soon as they can.

  • I think I have a similar issue to you. I had a lot more shows in my queue before the update. When I go to the shows that used to be in my queue, it says that I can remove them from my queue (even though they don't show up in my queue). Trying to remove them just throws an error.

    I sent a ticket in last week. Hopefully, they figure it out soon.

    Wow! My queue magically started working correctly today! All the shows that used to be on my queue were truly off of my queue, and I was able to add them back. Maybe they fixed a bug today.

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