Can anyone get a video to play in browser?

  • So, I had zero issues with old site. New Site, it seems everything I try to do, just completely doesn't work. before you ask, yes cookies are enabled.

    Primarily I would like to actually use the service I'm paying for.
    Whenever I try to watch a video, no matter what it is, it will load the preview screen, and then part of the video player, aaaaand then it stops. The play button is the only thing thats clickable, even tho the click space is like a pixels worth. And when you click it, nothing happens. I've looked at the help section, all the links that try to get you to go to, are all broken due to the new site. And I have also tried the site in 3 different browsers.

    So basically, this whole site is currently useless, and I'm hoping we get reimbursement from down time.

    Did anyone else get this issue?
    If so how did you fix it?

    Also not even the ordering of products is good here, I ordered an entire box-set, they sent me half of it, and aren't responding to my support tickets...

    EDIT: I'm honestly surprised this post actually posted considering the rest of the websites state.

  • If you are blocking trackers telemetry etc via hosts file, you have to unblock

    Also try disabling any adblocking / privacy plugins as well. People mentioned having to whitelist the mediaplayer in their blocking plugins

  • I have the my adblocker disabled for the site, and videos still seem to bomb out at different times.


    Alderamin on the Sky Episode 13 bombs out at 9:28, going back a little bit to see if the stream got a little behind, but nope still plays up to 9:28 and bombs out in a perpetuity.

    Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 14 got all the way to 22:18 before it bombed out. Same thing went back a little to see if the stream got behind, but it still bombs at the same time.

  • vidoes are working for me, but so far everything i have watched will need to stop one or two times to buffer. once in a while a video wont continue loading no matter how long I wait ( my patience so far is 2 min) so I just refresh and it continues working. I think my adblocker is on. Using firefox

  • @btymciw -
    Yeah, I have yet to successful watch any videos since the new website. I just dick around trying to figure out how, i read the forums, and give up and watch somewhere else. I am going to try one more time and then unsubscribe... try again in a couple of years when they get the bugs out. the old site worked fine for me....

  • @Neco That was the issue. Thanks!

  • I've been getting through entire streams consistently now. Just an occasional buffer right at the beginning of the Episode, then it plays all the way through.

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