any one know what happen to akiba's trip?

  • Just noticed that they did not upload episode 3 last wendsday and its not listed on the scheduled under the whats new tab. but it does say wnedsdays at 9 on the main page hmmm. just hope it shows up this wendsday

  • I wonder if it had to do with the site launching and no one has caught on yet

  • I think no more episodes have been released in Japan either so it must be something over there.

  • No, episode 3 most definitely came out in Japan. The subbed episode is currently streaming on Crunchyroll if you want to watch it there:'s+trip

  • Don't watch sub

  • And the show is no longer on their Schedule any more, hopefully they will respond to this thread and let us know what is going on.

  • Huh well that was quick. So the "we'll dub as it airs so you can watch the dub the same day as the sub version" only lasted two weeks. (I don't know how else to phrase what i'm trying to say there)

    I'm going to guess something happened that the JP company couldn't give what Funi needed? I liked the idea but I'm not personally opposed to being a week or two behind the sub version if it allows us to have better dubs, because based on my understanding, aside from the first several episodes, they are under major time crunches by the time these episodes air. So unless they are dubbing similar to what the seiyuu have to work with as far as the acting go, I wasn't expecting it to last long personally.

  • I dont think its as bad as that. Gonzo does almost nothing these days, so they would definitely have plenty of time to get most if not all of this show completed before the first ep even began airing. that's the only way this could work, most of the show already done, giving the team plenty of lead time to get the episode completely dubbed and mixed before the next ep airs

  • I do not have any issue if they are a few weeks behind the original air date, the thing I would like to see is a post from the Funi staff stating that they are going to be a few weeks behind, instead of just not posting the episode and leaving us all wondering that is going on.

  • I agree usually they have been upfront about delays in scheduling case and point during Christmas they informed us that they advanced drifters and 91 days and held mob psycho 100 till Monday. I would not be angry if there was an issue especially since their site just went through a major update. but this silence and lack of communication tells me its not just simply that they were not ready

  • Episode 3 airs tomorrow update from funimation on their twitter

  • E3 is best one to date, the opening scene priceless. How I feel about all idol trash nonsense.


    And I even went to the "idol promised land, inadvertently", while was in Japan: AKB48 Cafe. Useless food, u have to serve urself on drinks. And "they" didn't like me much...

    But u do get ur own special sacred beverage coaster (not to be used as intended) with one of girls' picture. That is ur "gf" for the day; to be used for "extracurricular activities".

    Had Japanese next to me explain such. In either case, reason birth rate so low, is nonsense like this. But no matter...

  • @thegrandalliance

    More Japanese weirdness \o/ lol

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