What is going on with streaming? Barely works or insanely slow..

  • I've a Roku 3 with the latest app. It's insanely slow or doesn't work at all giving a vague error "something went wrong" (gee thanks). I have gotten to use my Funimation subscription a whooping 3 times this MONTH. Please fix your, now, awful service or credit me a month. This is just absurd. I was so happy to see a new app for Roku only to realize it's my worst nightmare.

    Additionally it took me an HOUR to finally get logged into this new website. It didn't like my password so I had to reset it, which took a good 27 tries for it to finally take.

    Am I overreacting to think a service I'm paying for should be more usable throughout a given month? I pay to watch at my convenience, not yours lol. I'm supposed to be renewing in a few days, but I don't see any reason to at this time since I can't even use it.

  • @krileon its not just the app even the streaming off the website on a pc is slow as a snail, can't go more then 2 minutes with out it freezeing to buffer -__-

  • Yup, having the same problem. CONSTANT buffering issues on the website (IF it even plays) and on the apps.

  • Same I have a roku 3, I can navigate and look through shows. Sadly whenever I play one it will play the entire episode, however I can't pause, stop, return to roku home ect all buttons do not work. at the end of the episode the entire roku box freezes and I am forced to unplug and restart. This has been going on since the new update.

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