New Roku App Feedback

  • I had a miserable experience trying to watch "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K" using the Roku App. I tried to watch the episodes with subtitles and it would play the next short on some episodes. I tried to watch it in English and it played the Japanese subtitles version on some episodes.

    Here is a list of bad and good things about the new Roku App:


    • "Continue Watching" is only good if I stop in the middle of an episode. If I am 99% of the way through it still shows up and I don't really need to see those. Really you should call it "History" It would be nice if I could go to the show some how from "Continue Watching" so I can add it to my queue or get to the next episode.
    • "My Queue" is annoying for shows with a large number of episodes and for shows like Fairy Tail, it takes a while to get where I left off. It would nice if it was set up to show the next episode or the current unfinished episode.
    • I don't know the point of the "Uncut/Simucast" selector. I am assuming "Uncut" means the uncensored or the updated version. Why would anyone want the other version?
    • If I want to watch a show with Japanese audio, I have to reselect it every episode.
    • I need to select every season and wait for it to load. It would be nicer if each season had it's own row. It would be even nicer if each row had something like a 26 episode max and was split into multiple rows for very long seasons.
    • No preview pane with pressing left/right to navigate spot in video (This is the most annoying missing feature for me. If the same show is on Crunchyroll, I will watch it on Crunchyroll even if I prefer the dub because the Funimation App doesn't have a preview pane and the Crunchyroll App does)
    • Pressing back on any other tab screen than "Home" should bring me back to home or back to the tab selector. Right now it will exit the App, it should only exit the App when I am on the Home screen or tab selection. I already have a button on the Roku remote the exits the App quickly, I don't need the back button to do it too.


    • I can see the progress of every episode.
    • I can find Anime to watch using the Roku App. The "All Shows" filers and ordering make it easy to find new Anime to watch. There are not any other Roku Apps I can do this on such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video, Crunchyroll. You should be very proud of this fact.
    • App loading times are faster than other similar Apps.
    • The UI looks nicer.

    Posting it here because there was no Roku feedback thread and I couldn't make one in Help forum.

  • I've also had a couple of issues with the Roku app myself. Nothing major, but just some little annoyances here and there.

    • Some items I recently added to my queue on the website were removed when I viewed my queue in the Roku app.
    • The various menus take much longer to load than with the old version of the app. Video buffering is still more or less the same, so it's mainly the menus themselves that are slower.

  • I have had severe problems watching subs on both my Roku 2 and Roku 1 devices in the last month. I think a recent update really broke the funimation app. Trying to watch on funimation has become a very error-prone, annoying and tedious process.

    About 70% of the time, I completely lose control over everything. The first symptom is that the subtitles stop updating. After that, none of the buttons on the remote work anymore - I can't even exit from the funimation app. The only thing I can do is to pull the plug from the Roku to recycle the power. And it takes a LONG time to reload the funimation app and get back to where I was before.

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