What else has changed in Funimation other than the new apps/site?

  • It's been some time since I've been able to enjoy my subscription due to your renovations. The only way I can watch my shows now is if I go to the back room and get on my computer. I don't know about other people, but I prefer to sit back and relax when I want to watch TV. Back to the top and state that it's because of this long period that I haven't been keeping up with the new app's/site's specs.

    IT'S NEW STUFF! IT'S EXPECTED TO HAVE A FEW ISSUES AT FIRST! I GET THAT! But, my biggest problem is locating my personal stuff. I'm wondering if there have been limiters or something put on a person's profiles. My favorites list is gone, and my queue is out of order and only has a fraction of my shows on it. I used to have so many that I didn't know what was on it without looking through it each day. I would look through the list until I found a show to watch when nothing else peeked my interest. The list still seems to be there in some sense. If I delete one of the available shows, a new one (one that was on my list but not showing up anymore) will take its place.

    Today I logged into the new site only to find the same thing that's been happening on the new apps! My queue is out of order and has maybe a 6th of my original queue. And with the "horrible" streaming there's been, I can't even go looking through the library to find new shows (on the apps atleast) let alone my missing ones.

    So in the end, I want to know if there are limits to the amount of shows you can put on your queue or if anyone else has experienced the problem I'm addressing today.

  • I thing I notice... Don't stay logged in to every device. When ur done watching, logout. Else, query may not update in real-time; resulting in problems, whatever.

    However, I only go from phone/desktop; all Windows, less hassle. In either case, it appears there are sync issues between devices. When u login/out, it forces a redownload of query/user info each time, all coming from same servers, so should be more aligned.

    Since most people don't bother to logout (and makes it bit more inconvenient), problems occur. Nevertheless, it is a failsafe workaround.

  • I understand where your coming from, but I'd not had a problem in years. There was a time that I would logout of everything on everything. I only use Funimation app on my Roku and my tablet. I may not logout when I'm done streaming, but I'm not constantly "connected" to the servers either! I don't leave my electronics on while not in use. I'm only connected to the servers when I want to be.

    I've tried things like uninstall the app multiple times and still no luck. Ever since I'd given up about a month ago, the app is only installed on my Roku. Up till today, I've been using my desktop to do my streaming. I login today and it's a new site, makes me get a new password, and it's got the same issue as the Roku app. I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my account.

  • @azemiops

    I noticed something weird at times with the new site. Multiple login sessions may be opened on same device/browser. I am noticing this now; if i open new tab it wants me to login again.

    If I goto account settings/info page, says have multiple sessions open. Indeed, it says I am logged in 9 times on same platform. I wouldn't be surprised that this is "the root of all evil" with this site.

    In either case, ur not alone, so don't hate urself.

  • Yo can re-order your queue on a computer using the "handles" or in a mobile browser using the up/down arrows. I went through adding a lot of shows to my queue on this account the other day and I've counted exactly 100. I don't know if this is a limit.

  • It doesn't work for mine. I've officially given up and contacted Funimation Support. I started with the forum to see if I was missing something and if others were having the same issue. A bit yes and no to both it would seem, but no solutions worked for my account. So I've given the techs a message and hopefully they can give me some direct answers.

    Thanks for the help yal

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