Issues with the new

  • Here are the two main issues I have experienced on the new site.

    First, if having already logged in, either clicking on "BLOG" on the drop down menu or trying to access the "BLOG" from an external link (FUNi's Facebook posts or tweets) will result in being kicked back to the log in screen, after keying in the credentials, the site will redirect the browser to go back to the previous page a.k.a. the "BLOG" page, the same issue repeats. This issue would also occur for mobile devices such as my HTC Ona A9 and Lumia 950.

    Second, if the browser have AdBlocker enabled, the video player would not even load the video screen properly, thus resulting in not being able to play the video. So far I have only tested this on Microsoft Edge with uBlock Origin installed. I have to disable uBlock Origin in order to get the videos to play. Maybe this is an issue with uBlock Origin specifically, I will try to send a report to the developer of uBlock Origin for Microsoft Edge as well.

    Anyway, I think these are the two issues FUNimation needs to address right away.

  • The issue is one of the URLs its blocking. It's a known google ad server. I had the same issue as you, only I had it blocked through my windows hosts file (along with a load of other tracking crap).

    Someone also mentioned those plugins could be blocking the brightcove player itself (their new player)

  • I would not call either of your points suggestions.

    Your first point should have been reported as a bug, however it is already a known issue.

    The latter is because you are using an ad blocker, and the solution would be to not use an ad blocker, or enable an exception.

  • @Shirobane I have tried to find other channels which could let me get my messages through, but I did not find any. I can certainly try the support page next time I find issues, but I can't do too much description of the issues since they limit the number of characters to 300. But I am glad that it's a known issue and I hope it gets fixed soon. As for the second part, I have disabled my adBlocker for this site, so it does not bother me too much at this point. But as many people would expect, the videos should play regardless of adBlocker.

  • I would sound to me to be a Cookie permissions or XHR (Cross site scripting) issue. I use four addons to help with privacy and security: Clean Links, Cookie Monster, NoScript and uMatrix.

    NoScript is blocking scripts from 5 different domains. uMatrix is blocking an image element from a 6th domain. I count up to 10 different domains for a show's page with player. Up to 20 different domains for the main FUNimation page. Talk about waiting for a page to load.

    uMatrix is an addon from the same developer (I believe) as uBlock Origin. It provides a nice visual representation of all the elements for a website and where those elements come from to make that page. I find it easier to click to an element or domain to create a rule than wading through a list of text like a Host file. You can even click to override a blocked element or domain, and it will be only for that website.

    I'm more interactive and do not like "canned" solutions from AV or ISS (Internet Security Suites). I end up not allowing the installation of those addons or disable them. Stay away from McAfee! It does a poor job at everything, holds your PC hostage by slowing it down. If you got it for free as a bonus for buying something, rip it out and pony up for something reliable.

    I can watch a few shows without a problem, but a lot of shows buffer or stall. When it stalls, I hit "Refresh" and things continue on. There are some domains I wish I could block, but I have to allow them if I want to watch videos.

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