Uncensored Anime

  • Why not add the uncensored and unedited version. I get tired of searching for the unedited version. It is annoying to be watching a anime and have them refer to a scene that has been edited out. You sit and wonder what you missed. Funimation has a Terms of Use and i doubt very many kids have a credit card or paypal their parents don't know about.

  • uncensored videos replace the censored videos when the show is released on disk

  • Simulcasts are almost always (if not absolutely always) censored* as they are based on the Japanese broadcasts which are only uncensored* on premium satellite channels.
    What you are asking for, is for Funimation to delay streaming until an uncensored version is available, which I assure you would annoy more people than it does now (since you can choose not to watch a censored stream, but if there is no stream at all, then you no longer get that choice).

    *with the exception of shows that don't actually require any form of censorship, but even then the broadcast version can differ from the home video release.

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