Please fix your video player

  • this is annoying ever since the new update the video player has to buffer every few seconds and the buffer window is not very big so usually only get 2 min of video before i have to wait another 2 min for another few min of video, thought it be better on a system but it was the same really like this dub thing thats been going on and id like to stay if at all possible

    Also my internet should not be the problem as well as my computer since Crunchyroll works fine in hd and we all know they need a good system to run those 1080p shows

  • glad someone else has said it. They need to get rid of, or tweak whatever rate limiting they are trying to use to limit bandwidth per viewer.

  • I have the same problem. At first i thought it was my wifi so i connected my ps4 through ethernet cable but it still buffers and lags every couple of seconds. I never had this problem with the old app but this update ruined it. I havent watched anime in a week because of the new app on ps4.
    They need too fix this soon.

  • I also have this problem with the ps4 app and I never had this problem before the updated.

    and the Roku app has distorted audio and the picture will randomly cut out to a black screen.

    I really hope they fix this problem soon because right now there's no way for me to watch anything without interruptions/annoyances

  • This is the EXACT problem they had the first time they switched the damn video player. There's constant buffering and audio issues... I'm already annoyed that they stopped the quarterly sub in favor of monthly or yearly and now the damn video player is back to the trash it was when they first switched.

    Like I get it the site is still new but for anyone paying a sub they should get free time or something till this issue is resolved. I mean it took them what like 1-2 years to fix the video player the first time they switched it... If it's going to be the same case this time I'm just unsubbing.


    Unsubbed till this crap is fixed the site is just generally annoying to use right now but the fact I can't watch anything without the massive buffering.... I'm going to crunchy till this is fixed.

  • I picked a bad time to resubscribe.

    I didn't have any problems with the last version of their PS4 app, but this one is horrible. I suppose I could plug my TV into my computer and stream from their website, but the navigation of their website is even worse than the video quality of the PS4 app. I could also try streaming from their android app, but that throws repeated pop ups and ads despite actually paying for it and the queue for the website and ps4 wasn't visible in mobile.

    Actually, speaking of which, the old video player worked so well that I actually used PS4 Remote Play to stream the ps4 app to my mobile device instead of using their mobile app and there was no lag with that either.

    Maybe they could just let us downgrade as a workaround? I mean, it's obvious they don't know what they're doing when it comes to website design, app design, or development of a new player.

    The new player is definitely pretty, but I prefer functionality.

  • I stream using a PS3 but I can report the same issues with buffering. A week and a half ago prior to the update I had no problems what so ever, now its constant buffering issues for at least the first 5 minutes of each episode.

  • Well while trying to watch something with constant buffering and stuff I've discovered my buffering issue for the video though the audio issues remain.

    The video is stuck at 1080p

    There's options but NONE of them work no matter what it does 1080.

    You set it to 720,540,360.... Nope still 1080 and to check this just right click on the video player and look at the bottom 2 values. No matter the setting it's always 1920x1080. This means anything who doesn't have at least 30mbps download is going to be stuck with huge buffering issues.

    As far as the sound I've found that the sound and video are coming in 2 different streams meaning if the video is using most of the bandwidth then the sound starts dropping or spiking having odd artifact noises in it.

    I would report this to support but I have no idea if they would really do anything but if they can fix it in a reasonable amount of time I'll resub till then though it's going dead for me next month.

  • There's nothing for me to say on this.

  • Guess I should have checked here before I decided to contact technical support. Maybe, just Maybe if they get slammed with tech support on this they'll fix it right away.

  • I found even more problems with it the streaming service. So I can confirm that it's not a buffering issue, because the longer I leave it sitting the worse the audio gets. If I back out and then resume the video usually the audio is suddenly better for at least a few minutes until it gets really bad again, so they're obviously not limiting bandwidth and they're not buffering anything. If they were buffering pausing would be a solution. They don't even reduce video quality at any point so it's not like it's related to bandwidth for that reason either.

    In the course of doing this though occasionally a video restart and I have to fast forward and Rewind, but doing so brings up another problem for a subtitled show: the subtitles end up out of sync with the audio and video, Which is far worse than the audio being choppy when you were watching something subtitled. It completely ruins the experience. Worse still, the app remembers it being out of sync and once it goes out of sync it stays out of sync permanently. Backing out and resuming doesn't fix it. Turning subtitles off and on doesn't fix it. Restarting the video and fast-forwarding to the position might fix it and might not, but even if it does it could just as easily get out of sync again.

    This is by far the worst streaming service I've ever used, and I remember streaming videos in the dial-up era. Yeah, that bad.

    As a side note, I am unable to even find these forums from your website. I have to use Google search to get here. I'm also unable to comment from a computer. When I go to this page, and click reply, it has me login which takes me to my profile and when I go back here I'm locked out again yet I'm still logged in elsewhere. On a mobile device there is no problem. So really bad website too.

    I complained about these issues to support, but no response so far. I even asked if my subscription could be paused until the service is worth paying for, but if that's not an option I'm definitely going to be canceling. After just one day of horrible service.

  • I think @SpacemanHardy could help people out.

  • i have no problem with the bandwidth. mostly because i have a downstream of 50 MBPS and a upstream of 10 MBPS. but i do see the casual bug of press and move the slider intensively and it wont work properly, or the switch anything from the quality, lights, or language, and it will break down on me

  • Im having a problem with the episode I'm trying to watch cut out compleatly and the screen saying they " the stream can not be found" after I've already watched about a min

  • @Mrluis613 I have a downstream of 50 also and I get buffering every 5 mins.
    I'm new to this site and this is completely unacceptable.

    I'll be canceling my sub. A real shame this is a lot of peoples first experience with this site.

  • The playback problems I having seem to be simaler across all the platforms.
    Random pausing, jittery playback, buffering hiccups, things getting out of sync then seeming to buffer.
    I've had the same problems on multiple devices, console, PC's and tablet. I know its not a internet problem as Crunchy Roll and Netflix work fine. Its not a bandwidth problem on this side. The internet package is 150 mbps down / 15 mbps up.

    I also really don't like how they have implemented the subtitling it looks horrid. Its also a pain to turn on or off, or even see if its available. It is also annoying when the stream hiccups and change randomly the audio stream.

    I'm hoping these issues are resolved soon.

  • I don't know after how after almost a year delay their new video player powered brightcove is missing features and is so buggy.

    They made it seem like their HTML 5 player was going to blow the old one out of the water, it doesn't. The other one wasn't perfect, but it did what it should and worked well for the most part.

    I guess I shouldn't have believed the hype they were handing out.

  • Just adding my voice here as well. The video player needs to be tweaked/fixed. There is buffering every few minutes currently.

    (edit: the player does seem to work slightly better in Microsoft Edge for some reason).

  • I'm going to wait until the end of my current billing cycle and then I'm canceling my subscription if these issues aren't fixed. I encourage EVERYONE else to do the same, unless they're happy to pay for a service they can't use. Once people start canceling en masse, they'll realize the severity and work to fix the issues.

    That this is happening in the first place is ridiculous, not sure how these kinds of issues weren't flagged and fixed before the updates were taken live in the first place. While the previous iterations weren't perfect, they weren't so bad that it would prevent me from wacthing period.

  • experiencing the buffer problems still however a solution might be ( if funimation would allow) a setting that the end user could control to be able to increase or decrease the buffer limits aspect of the video player to allow the end user to fine tune the episode or show that they are watching to minimize the video playback problems ( may cause a video to load slower however once it loads it would buffer less.

  • @jrrengel89 Good for you bud. I was planning on doing the same thing. Once this month of billing is over I'll be canceling as well. They royally !@#$'ed this site up. I've made complaints in other forums, plus put in tickets, but nothing has come of it. A funi staff member should at least reply on these forums and give us at least a small update as to what they are doing to fix the problems and a rough estimated time that they expect things to get better. Everyone having all these issues is one thing, but to be kept in the dark as to whether they are actually trying to fix them is another.

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