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  • I have been closely monitoring ("opposition research") how people on Crunchyroll Forums are responding to the new FUNINOW launch (both site/app). After all, u get new customers from the people not already using ur service.

    Now, although there could be some "bias" of course, the 2 top/most respected users have weighed in. There opinion matters, because others more likely to trust such; they are single "greatest challenge" to any market penetration.

    CR Moderator Loreen Top MOD of site; Female== @SpacemanHardy

    At first glance, the new Roku app looks pretty good, though it takes an awfully long time to load. I'd already added a show to my queue, and started watching -- except it started up with the English language, plus subtitles/captions, not Japanese audio (for a show that they have both for).

    No problem, I think -- there's a way to change this, right below each episode. So I change it to Japanese, and start playing the episode and, it bounces me completely out of the app! (I was able to play it in Japanese on the website).

    At least it is possible to turn off the subtitles/captions using the Roku * menu. Except I really, really don't like dubs.

    Another annoyance is that I was thinking that even without a paid subscription there would be more available--just with ads. But it's more that you can watch the first couple of episodes but need to subscribe to watch the rest. (Maybe it works differently in terms of availability for the simuldubs--it's impossible to tell right now since there aren't more than a couple of episodes out for each current show.)

    On the website this is more clear, -- If you go to the show page the "subscription" banner doesn't display on the ep 1 and 2 thumbnails, but does on ep 3 and beyond. However on Roku for the same show all the episodes have the "subscription" banner -- even the ones that you can actually watch without the subscription.

    Clearly things still need some work. I'd consider subscribing to Funi again from time to time for the subtitled shows that aren't (yet) on Crunchy, but not if Japanese audio doesn't work on Roku.

    Next up is to see how it works on the iOS and Android apps (which I had been using a bit before Funi canceled my prior subscription).

    Update. iOS and Android apps (at least the version on Amazon Fire) work fine with Japanese audio. It also looks like the ads only kick in when playing Japanese audio, and not with the English version, though I didn't watch enough to be completely certain of that. Still limited episodes available though I haven't sampled many.

    The latest version of the app that allows free users some access is not compatible with FireTV (at least not the Fire TV stick that I have).

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    In response to a post from another user,

    Funimation updated their site and apps and now I can't log in to any of my apps ( I can still log in using the website). I contacted Support several days ago but still silence on their side; which I know it can't be a huge problem because I decided to start a TAN (ANO) subscription this season and had the same problem but they managed to fix it a few hours. So maybe alot of people are having the same problem over at Funimation?

    Not really a huge deal because I cancelled (my renewal of) my Funimation subscription in the wake of the CR/Funi deal given that we are getting pretty much everything making my Funi account pointless.

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts on this now regarding the Funimation APP. It's still has internal problems and doesn't work well on my iOS. Haven't even tried Fire TV yet but I'm guessing it won't work well there either.

    Literally, the only show I watched from Funimation last season was Saiki and with that finished airing, I cancelled my subscription as well. It's not worth the price imo if users are interested in ongoing shows.


    Now, because I don't use these apps, IDK if their issues are observable or not. Nevertheless, seems like FUNI has some work to do, in either case...


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  • @thegrandalliance I would disagree that their opinions would matter to perspective customers. I get that they may be influential on the forums but I doubt these comments would prevent anyone from subscribing. If someone wants to watch a show either dubbed or unavailable elsewhere they will get an account. The content provided is what matters and its not like these issues will persist indefinitely. They are not even subscribers so not entirely sure why they even care to begin with but that's a different issue. Also Funi knows there are issues and is constantly working to resolve them just check out the Funi help page on twitter.

  • Your content doesn't mean jack if your site or applications don't work

  • @KillerWolf357 said in FUNIFeedback "From the Other Side...":

    I get that they may be influential on the forums but I doubt these comments would prevent anyone from subscribing.

    It isn't that it "prevents them" from doing something, rather that a total sum of opinion leaves negative feeling. If all they hear is "bad stuff"; to the unmotivated, they will just assume to stay away.

    Although there is reason to sub to FUNI for exclusives/dub; as for new season's content, many people I see on forums or elsewhere are "language agnostic" between dub/sub. That is, they can watch either. Therefore, if such people have negative bias against FUNI, they may just stick with CR only as a result.

    Anyways, in a larger context... Hopefully problems are resolved very soon before next month. Or Winter may not be very good season for FUNI, even though the anime happens to be good. We shall see, in either case.

  • @thegrandalliance I have to agree with KillerWolf on this. It doesn't matter what people in other forums say. If a person wants to see dubbed content, the main place is Funi, sadly. People don't generally go to CR to check what is happening with Funi. Or Check out Kotaku about the best Dubbed Streaming Service. People are like liquids, they will go the path of least resistance.

    They have pulled almost if not all of their dubbed shows from Netflix, and most other Streaming services. You have a few maybe one or two seasons of dubbed shows on Hulu, but I am pretty sure that those will be ending soon (I give it at max 12 months).

    Funimation is a monopoly, end of story. The reason they have not been shut down or sued for it is because Sentai and a very few others offer a few dubbed shows. So, they have people over a barrel, either you buy their videos, get a subscription, or you don't get to see "quality" dubbed anime, that is over priced on both fronts, cause they can.

  • @valyn76

    Only in regards to English dub; as there are many people who can/like/prefer sub, the position is tenuous at best.

    Furthermore, people who are dub-only (or sub-only for that matter)are missing out. Especially when lots of dubs can be horribly done/cast. Like Dimension W. Or AkibaStrip. But no matter.

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