Season 9 Voyage 1

  • Anyone hear or have any ideas when Season 9 will be released? I saw on a wiki, that characters on the next episodes after 516 have assigned English VAs to them...and on the One Piece page where you can watch the episodes, their official One Piece page, before it changed, they had listed all the seasons, and had Season 9, 10 and 11 with listed with what episodes each contained.

  • Sadly May 2017 would be the earliest (seeing as they have the DVD/Blu-ray releases up to April and it's not on it)

  • Well, the only One Piece release they have this year so far is Collection 18 on February 14th.

  • I read on another forum that someone suggested that the Fake Straw Hat Pirates, should be voice acted by the 4Kids voice actors.
    I think that would be awesome!
    I wish there is a petition we could create to have this done.

  • @garygillespie While that does sound like an interesting idea for most of the impersonators, I don't think Funimation will cast a woman to voice Demaro Black (Luffy's impersonator), who clearly is a guy. Besides, in the Japanese version, the seiyuu of the Straw Hats voiced the impersonators as well (for example, Sanji's seiyuu voiced Demaro Black), so it's more than likely Funimation will follow the same convention.

    Also, the wiki's entry on Demaro Black already lists Eric Vale as his English VA.

  • According to the One Piece wiki, the fake Straw Hats are voiced by the VA of the original Straw Gats, just in a different order.

    Taken from the wiki Impostor Straw Hat page

    Each of the impostors' voice actors also voice the real Straw Hats, although none of the voice actors voice their respective characters.

    Fake Luffy is voiced by Sanji's voice actor.
    Fake Zoro is voiced by Usopp's voice actor.
    Fake Nami is voiced by Chopper's voice actress.
    Fake Sogeking is voiced by Franky's voice actor.
    Fake Sanji is voiced by Zoro's voice actor.
    Fake Chopper is voiced by Luffy's voice actress.
    Fake Robin is voiced by Nami's voice actress.
    Fake Franky is voiced by Brook's voice actor.
    Due to the absence of a Brook correspondent in the fake crew, Robin's voice actress is left out.*

  • I'm bummed because there is no release date for Season 9. I just finished voyage 5 and want to hear the english dub because I already have seen it subbed

  • @shadowking01 how is it watching subbed.. just curious cause I have yet to watch any animation subbed.. and what it feels like compared to dub.

  • Its pretty much the same to me just in a different language with subtitles, the experience doesn't really change, it just allows me to be way ahead of the dub. In the sub we are about 4 arcs ahead of the dub

  • @TheRealSneakers Truth be told, I really think that was intentional XD After all, Robin is really not the kind of person who would destroy her dignity like that, and I imagine that it also extends to the voice actress as well.

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