I'm calling it now...I KNOW who the Black King is!

  • This is just a theory, but I am pretty sure I know who the Black King is. Pretty sure he is a person from Earth History just like every other drifter!

    I suspected, but they left clues in the final few episodes that made it somewhat obvious, actual quotes from someone.

    The things we know:

    • The girl and the man she keeps teasing at the table are some sort of afterlife guardians who can take people on the verge of death and send them to another world.
    • The girl takes broken characters who hate humanity because of things that have happened to them in their life. The man at the table takes brave warriors who have a strong moral code.
    • The choice of Joan of Arc was especially interesting as it shows they are making the assumption that the people rejecting her and burning her drove her to hatred and madness.
    • The black King claims he is not God and will one day die (aka mortal, and probably also chosen by the girl)
    • Known powers are control over life: (healing, can create cancer, and can multiply grain) This is explained by another character recently.
    • Black King also seems to have a special kindness towards inhumans showing he was probably a very good person and something traumatic happened to him by his fellow humans probably judging by his hatred of them (same as already shown with Joan of Arc, also known to be an incredibly good person). This demonstrates the show likes to show how good people can be twisted and is taking creative license.

    Who is the Black King? Have you guessed it yet?


    I'm pretty sure the Black King is no other than Jesus Christ!


    • known for healing and for multiplying food in the stories about his miracles (source: gospels)
    • an obvious quote taken straight from Jesus Christ (source: gospels)
      Episode 10, addressing Bronze Dragon: "The first shall be last...and the last first"
    • Rasputin and the others address him simply as "Lord". While this is a title, usually it is used as "my Lord" or "Lord XXX". The simple address of "Lord" is how the disciples of Jesus addressed him.
    • when he is multiplying grain, note the scar below his wrist, visible on both sides. Such a scar looks like a rope scar from being bound. The common Roman Crucifixion required the victim have both hands bound behind him on a post or tree. The biblical story has nails but they may have taken license to make it less obvious. I did note the crevice of the wrist where a nail scar would be is usually cleverly shadowed though so a nail scar is still possible.
    • His form is also hidden demonstrating to me that seeing it would probably give something away. My guess is it conceals the obvious wounds of crucifixion and maybe even a spear wound to the side if they are sticking with the biblical account of the story.
    • And lastly, in the eyes of the creators of this show, if Joan of Arc can be driven mad and grow to hate humanity by them turning on her and burning her, certainly Jesus could have after being rejected and crucified for doing nothing but healing and good.

  • @danaphanous You may not be wrong, but i think its Merlin from the medieval era.

    Jesus is the king of all kings and the messiah that everyone wants but he never perform reproduction of a single grain of rice, however, he did change water into wine.

    Merlin - It has to be Merlin from King Arthur

    • He knows many books from the grimoire's he holds in his library. Even the bible.
    • He can mass produce a single thing with his own magic.
    • Black king mention when they called him a god that he was no such thing.
    • If i got my "tales" right, Arthur never thank or have given any praise to Merlin.
    • In the Gospel it states that "Jesus"; died from his own noble sacrifice, so it will be impossible to say his pain to humans if he loved them so much.
    • As well he never seen a dragon or fiend in his life.
    • Black king's staff looked like a tool for sorcery which every wizard or mage use. Including his cloak.

  • yeah I know what the Christian opinions on him are, not trying to be controversial. I just know that most Japanese are not christian and they would be likely to see him as a historical figure with powers. Hence the motivation for my guess. :) The staff and voice are the things that doesn't really match my guess but I chalked them up the the creators trying to throw us off. We'll see!

    Also, in the Christian Gospels there is a story about him multiplying food: both bread and fish to be exact. There is also 2 about him attracting fish to fishing nets, so much so that the fishermen he was helping had trouble dragging the net back to shore. There is also a story about him cursing a fig tree so that it withered in a day, and tons about him healing. I could see people reading the stories deciding that his power was "control over life" given all these various examples.

    The best evidence for him being Jesus would be the description of his powers given by rasputin in Ep 10 and the quote "the first shall be last and the last first" which to my knowledge was only ever used by Jesus--though, as you said it could be someone quoting him.

    Thanks for playing the guessing game with me! ;)

  • @danaphanous LOL i got my facts on from MAD's Terminator Jesus parody. Most of the creed knows that too. But it will be funny if it was Jesus

  • It's Elvis....

  • @danaphanous You raise a very interesting argument but i have a counter. If you remember at some point in the show Count Gemnini or whatever he is called referenced Hitler as the Father of orta? Keep this in mind. At the last episode when the Black King's troops attacked the main city at the end of the episode count gemini or whatever asked himself if the black king was someone he knew based of his tactics and strategies. I believe it is in fact Hitler. Lastly while Jesus healed he never caused anything remotely similar to cancer. If we also keep in mind that we and i think most of the characters in the show don't know what happened to Orta's father/ruler and count gemini was hinted to have survived for a very long time since the civil war that created the Orta empire. As for your argument of turning good people bad we all know Hitler was a massive A-hole no doubt but i bet they have some nice twist on his story waiting for us. Plus besides Joan of Arc and Anastasia everyone else on the Black King's side was actually a bad guy according to real life reading and things like that. Rasputin was a bad guy in real life and remain afterlife according to drifters so why couldn't it be the same for Hitler?

  • @Mrluis613 Interesting it could be Merlin but why would he hate humanity so much? I don't recall Merlin suffering some horrible death that would in fact turn him against humanity. At this point i'm even beginning to doubt the gender of the black king. There are just too many characters from historical points in time that make his/her exact identity difficult to pin point. However like i said in another post the black king is definitely someone count Gemini knows. Now if we can figure out who Gemini really was in history we would be a lot closer to actually making a prediction. I personally hope the show gets a second season as the curiosity of the black king is unbearable plus i will like to see more of Toyohisa and the the others because i fear at some points the drifters will all turn on each other as they near the completion of their task.

    P.S i hope Toyoshisa and Joan of Arc develop something for each other. After their fight it just felt right!

  • I have a new option for you...... GHANDI

    if you take in to account the very first argument than GHANDI is an acceptable solution. Probably more so than Jesus because Ghandi was assassinated by extremists so he should have a grudge against humanity if we assume any evil was in that guys heart by the end . And his whole scheme was teaching Indians to become self sufficient, just like the Black King is doing with the demons

    And it also fits the time because the other leader was hitler circa 1945 and Ghandi was I believe 1948

  • @sprtekid2003 now you see that makes a lot of sense. I literally cannot think of any reason why it couldn't be him. Unlike Merlin Gandhi actually existed and I think that is a theme with this show

  • And best part is it just popped into my head reading the very first post

  • I just watched episode 12! You guys are right, it is now foreshadowing that the count should know who the black king is. Not sure who it is now, but it would still be interesting if it turned out to be my prediction! Ghandi is an interesting choice, he may have even used that same quote I identified from Jesus as I know he at least read him. However, he does seem a bit tall to be Ghandi, although being completely shrouded it is hard to say what is under the robe.

    Any other ideas so far? :)

  • @danaphanous
    The other thing is the skin color matches both people I know that kind of hard to deal with when it comes to anime but the one thing I struggle with even with my idea is the rings on his hands ghandi nor Jesus ever wore that much jewelry afaik but this is what's cool about this show is playing the guessing game can't wait to see if they introduce any more historical figures

  • I don't know if anyone will read this but I always thought the black king would be a well known Egyptian pharaoh. they were considered gods to there people. the dragonfly staff and the eye felt more Egyptian. plus part of there power was all about growing crops. my money is on the one who moved the capital to the desert and worshiped the sun god sorry I don't remember his name.

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