Agree with all

  • I really love the animation service and this new update is just terrible to use. I liked the old PS3 interface and there were some changes I would have made but this went the complete opposite direction. It is so much more convoluted and confusing to try and navigate and find the things you want to watch. I loved the single level navigation on the old interface that allowed you to see all the different episodes quickly and easily. If this is the way it will stay then I pb wont be staying around long.

  • I'd be happy if I could even watch videos at this point

  • I agree with you 100% the old apps were fine

  • I feel your pain and completely agree. Yeah, I absolutely hate the new redesign. It is not user friendly. My DVD remote for my PS3 has lost its function with the new update. The most annoying parts are that my shows lag or freeze more than ever and having to turn off the closed captions every freakin' episode. Also the site navigation is ridiculously laggy causing one to click on the wrong link and have wait for it to load just to back out of it. Think I'm gonna have to cancel this and go strictly with CR. The new funimation now changes have really soured my anime experience. Did they even beta test these apps with some of their consumers before rolling out these poorly designed changes? The only complaint I had about the old app was the 30 second ff or rewind, but that was minor and didn't bother me all that much. Funimation, please fix your app, it's terrible and I can't think of one thing I like about it.

  • From everything I've been seeing with the complaints about game console, mobile device and website issues, it would seem it is a back-end problem(s) whether it is a server or service configuration issue. This problem did exist with the old the service, but less frequent. Considering the issue wasn't addressed, it's now worse. Maybe implementing the same method for the new content which adds to the lag problem?

    Another possibility is the more third parties they use for their content, the worse things will get. For example, they try to pull information from their Twitter and Facebook accounts (which means we have to wait for that to be sent to funimation) and everyone has to wait for funimation to process that before the page loads and displayed for everyone to see. The more places their content comes from, the slower it gets. The more susceptible the site becomes to network congestion (slow) and fail to load due to network outages.

    Conversely, the more content they maintain in-house, or one place, (i.e., Queue, Show List, Customer Info, videos, Forums, etc.), the more responsive their services will be. If take it a step further and "Replicate" that content to servers in various locations, there would be an additional performance boost that will be noticed by customers and everyone is happy.

    Sadly, FUNimation Now is more like FUNImation NOT.

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