• Who else is complaining that ReLife has no season 2 anouncement yet?!

  • @Mrluis613

    Same, the problem here is that there isnt enough content in the manga for season 2 as of yet. While they COULD split the season, I don't see much point in that.

    Season two would bring them up to graduation day, and maybe show what kind of job Arata and Chizaru(?) get offered. If they find each other again etc. That COULD be a third season however.

    This is assuming (heavily) that the mangaka gets a chance to lead into that part of the story. I don't usually see more than 1-2 chapters covering it however. This would equate to less than 2 episodes of course. In fact, I almost see the type of ending 'inspired' to the sort by Girls of Wilds where its like a flashback/flashforward of things to come so to speak.

    I truly think this series COULD have at least an extention story going just as long after the school year as during.

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