Funimation Now needs A LOT of work!

  • The purpose of my contacting you today is issues concerning your new Funimation Now App. In short, it's broken.

    I have been with Funimation for many years, back when streaming just became a thing and I'm incredibly disappointed in the new update to this app. The loading times is ATROCIOUS! On your old App, I could scroll through new content quickly, see when everything was updated, and it was simple to navigate.

    Now, whenever I try to find something new, it takes over 15 minutes just to load more than 10 shows! I can't fathom why this happened. Your streaming system used to stand out as one of the easiest and the best of ANY streaming network. I realize you probably worked very hard on this, but since I've now seen that I'm not the only one having these issues, I think that you seriously need to fix your App.

    Honestly, if you reverted back to the old app, I think A LOT of people would be much happier. Than includes new users who WILL be turned away because of the difficulty of finding ONE show that they came to watch. I hopped on to watch "My Hero Academia" and it took over 25 minutes to navigate the site and get the episode started! I have highspeed internet and nothing else is slowed down on my streaming device (PS4), so I must assume that it's your APP that is the issue.

    Please Funimation, you do such good work and really listen when people have issues with your site. Please fix these issues. If you have to revert back to your old App for a while, so that you can overhaul this useless waste of time app, then I'd literally jump for joy. I loved your old app and when I got the update, I was severely disappointed.

    I have faith in you, and I hope you listen to these suggestions.

  • you should find the appropriate feedback thread and post this there. it will definietly be seen by the correct people and work can get started fixing the issues

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