full video buffering support

  • My internet is not the greatest, but because of my geographical location I am stuck with it. the problem is that videos don't buffer fast enough to out pace the time it takes for them to play, and so I can only play a video for around 20 seconds, then it has caught up and has to pause to buffer again. it would make my experience, as well as everyone else who have slow internet much more enjoyable if there was a way to force videos to fully buffer before you play them, and if there is some reason that this goes against some rules or protocol I would urge you to consider increasing the amount of time that the video can buffer so instead of stopping ever 20 to 30 seconds we could watch for a more reasonable amount of time before having to pause and buffer.

  • The problem with progressive download, which allows for buffering of the entire video, is that it makes ripping streams trivial.

  • They really should at least increase the amount you can buffer. I have good internet and I still have problems with buffering every 20 second. Funimation is the only place where I have this issue, so I assume that it has to do with their small buffer window.

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