30(ish) Day Anime Challenge - January 2017

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    Due to the 6 month forum hiatus, the last challenge was interrupted. So, we (me and Emdier) will be reusing the items that got missed. As there are only 13 days left in January, there will be 13 Challenges to do.

    1 Best Plot Twist
    2 Cutest Character
    3 Best Gateway Series
    4 Favorite Non-Human Character
    5 Show That Is So Bad It"s Good
    6 Favorite Insert Song/Music
    7 Exception To The Rule (ie. A show you really like in a genre you don"t usually like)
    8 Biggest Disappointment
    9 Biggest Surprise
    10 Favorite Quote
    11 Anime That Is Better The Second Time Around
    12 Series That Would Make The Best Crossover
    13 Show That Effected You More Then You Thought It Would / Surprise Feels

    Edit: Because I can't count, I have missed a day. So there will be a bonus day.
    14: Best Live Action Based On An Anime

  • Day 18/1?: Best Plot twist

    There are a lot of anime that have a lot of incredible twists and turns. Ones that come immediately to mind are Code Geass, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate and Future Diary.

    However, there is one that blew my mind at the time, and that was Attack on Titan. When the anime was first released, I watched it while it was airing and had zero idea what was coming. I avoided spoilers like the plague, so when episode 5 happened, I could not believe what I had just witnessed. I did feel that the later twist was a little bit of a cop out at the time, that made the twist I am speaking of rather irrelevant, but the emotion and shock I felt when I first watched it is rather unmatched.

  • January 18/17 Best Plot Twist

    This one has to be to Samurai Flamenco.

    alt text

    It starts off as a more light hearted show about a guy who plays superhero. He takes down umbrella thieves, catches jay walkers, and other general barely-crimes. The twist comes when there are actual superheroes and villains. I though it was some sort of dream, but nope, it was actually happening. Not often do I find a show that has such a sudden change in tone.

    alt text

  • January 18/17 Best Plot Twist

    I'll go with Madoka Magica, even though I already knew about it before actually seeing it, I was quite impressed (and saddened) at how much they added even more darkness in every following episode.

  • Day 2 - Cutest Character

    I have a lot of possible options here, I tend to watch a lot of diabetes series and definitely have a long list of super cute characters. Runner Ups that come to mind would be
    Sakura Kinomoto - CCS
    Rin - Bunny Drop
    Tsumugi - Sweetness and Lightning
    Tamaki - Ouran High School Host Club
    Momiji - Fruits Basket
    Poco - Poco's Udon World
    Gon - Hunter x Hunter

    alt text

    But I think my choice is going to have to go to Ushio from Clannad After Story. She's just gotta be the dang cutest child I have ever seen in any series, and that's coming from someone who does not even like kids.

    alt text

    I mean, come on, even the way she eats is too adorable for words!

    alt text

    If you watch this show, and feel nothing for Ushio, you have no soul. I would love to go in to other reasons as to why Ushio is the best and most adorbs character ever, but I feel like it would all be spoilers so unfortunately I will just have to leave it there.

    alt text

  • Day 2 - Cutest Character

    I'll take the "cute" word as meaning that the character is "adorable" without it being a potential waifu.
    So my choice would be Pino from Ergo Proxy.

  • Day 2: Cutest Character - Chiaki Nanami

    0_1484875608682_Chiaki Dance.gif

  • Jan 19 - Cutest Character

    There are some pretty cute characters out there, and the last year has had a few of note, so it's not easy to pick one for the title of Cutest Character.

    Tusgumi from Sweetness and Lighting is probably the cutest human character lately. I don't really like kids, but she is diabetes inducing,
    alt text

    alt text

  • Jan 19 - Cutest Character

    Tamaki from Bamboo Blade is my choice. I've said it before, she just melts my friggin heart, Totally awkward shy, but brave little otaku who can mop the floor with you at kendo!

    alt text

  • Jan 19: Cutest Character
    Laphicet from Tales of Berseria
    Recently played the demo of the newest Tales of game. I think the way Laphicet runs is the cutest thing!! :3
    alt text

    Jan 20: Best Gateway Series
    Little Witch Academia
    alt text
    Go watch all the movies!! Little Witch Academia is a very fun series and it reminds me of Harry Potter!!! It is one of my favorite Studio Trigger series. Wish Netflix puts up the new tv series soon!! :D

  • Best Gateway Series

    There are so many choices I could choose here, and I remember fondly a lot of the shows I watched when I was first starting anime that got me hooked on the medium as a whole, but there is a single show that I will always recommend to a newcomer, someone who has a certain belief that anime is plotless or just for perverts.

    alt text

    My favorite anime of all time, the one show that I consider to be the closest anime has ever come to perfection. Unfortunately, BECAUSE it is so good it does mean everything else you watch after will never measure up but hey, gotta hit em hard.

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a perfect combination of just about everything. It has comedy, action, an awesome plot, unforgettable characters, a perfect dub, stunning animation, in depth world building, super cool alchemy, fantastic pacing and some scenes that contain such emotion you remember it years later. It manages to keep the things that make anime "weird" (ie fanservice) to a minimum as well, and focuses on providing a rich and compelling story.

    Overall, if I could pick just one show to recommend to anyone to see, to show what an art anime can be, it would be this one.

    alt text

    Plus, it is like, literally a "gateway" series haha

  • Best Gateway Series: My Hero Academia

    0_1484931975820_Day 26-3.gif

    I feel like when it comes to what makes the Shonen genre popular and iconic, a series like My Hero Academia not only does it, but does it really, really well in an almost refined and stellar rendition of an age-old formula. It's really a solid starting ground not only as being a superhero story, and an underdog story, but a good solid shonen action show.

  • Day 3 - Best Gateway Series

    I choose Death Parade, which is one of my favorite anime. I think it's the perfect serie to show someone that anime is not just about endless fights, fan service and lolis while also being short enough so it's not discouraging to get on it.

    alt text

  • Jan 20 Best Gateway Series

    I can't do this one without mentioning Death Note. It was my first anime series as an adult. I choose to dive head first into things, so why not start with something as thrilling as Death Note. It is a show I will recommend to people (maybe no everyone, but a lot of people) and it is accessible to people.

    alt text

    There is one anime that I will recommend to anyone, and that is Wolf Children. It is a family movie, so can appeal to all ages, and being a movie, it's not a big commitment to watch. It's a movie that has something for everyone without dumbing down more serious subject matter.

    alt text

  • Jan 21: Favorite Non-Human Character
    Korosensei from Assassination Classroom!

    alt text

  • Favorite Non-Human Character: Celty Sturluson

    0_1485025923342_Celty pic - Copy.jpg

  • Jan 21 Favorite Non-Human Character

    There are a few choices here. As much as I love Koro-Sensei, he is more or less human (human + tentacles). I also love Nyanko-Sensei, but he is kind of an asshole (an adorable, fat, ramen loving, asshole).
    I am going to have to go with a character I have only found recently, and that is White Mokona.

    alt text

  • Favorite Non-Human Character

    There are a lot of choices I could go with here, but there is one character I keep returning to and that has to be Toboe.

    alt text

    Wolf's Rain is full of non human characters that are fantastic, but there is just something about this wolf that really stuck with me and I connected with him right away. He's young, inexperienced and really very puppy-like, he just wants to have a family and he lost his previous one is such a sad and tragic way.

    So it's just gotta be him.

    Show That's So Bad It's Good

    Oh boy is this one a doozy. I am pretty guilty of liking shows that really aren't considered "good".

    There is really only one choice for me here, the series is pretty infamous so I am sure most people know it. The dubbed version of Ghost Stories.

    alt text


    Keeping in mind that I went in to this anime only knowing the dub was bad (And how wrong that was, this dub was oh so right), I had no idea what I was walking in to and it gave me more laughs then any other anime show that I can think of. It will forever be my guilty pleasure series.

  • Show That Is So Bad It's Good - Akame Ga Kill

    alt text

    It's a shamelessly, comically edgy try-hard middle school Hot Topic creative writing project to try and seem more mature comes off as hilariously juvenile, but it's almost charming in how dumb it is in that regard.

    Also Leone was almost worth the price of admission alone. Almost.

  • Jan 22 So bad it's good

    Not sure if this is even "So bad it's good", more like "invite everyone over to comment on the train wreck".
    It is, of course, The Art of Fighting or Battle Spirits: Dragon Tiger Fist,
    alt text
    I was introduced to this little gem at a convention. A couple of the VA guests went to the vendors hall to find the worst movie they could, and came out with this. The panel involved watching it with their running commentary.
    The plot makes no sense, physics takes a back seat, and somehow it got a dub and release, but boy is it a fun ride. Best enjoyed in a group, leave logic at the door.

  • Sorry I missed a few days...

    4 - Favorite Non-Human Character
    I can't think of anyone else than Penny from RWBY, let's pretend that she's from an anime...
    5 - Show That Is So Bad It"s Good
    Keijo!!!!!!!! It seems to me that this show is just an excuse to fit as much fan service as possible without much substance, but I loved it anyway.
    6 - Favorite Insert Song/Music
    There's just too much, but a few of my favorites are: the piano song when Chiyuki skates in Death Parade, the song Alex sings in the bar in Gangsta, the Carnival Corpse theme song in Deadman Wonderland, and most classical music songs from Kill La Kill and Attack On Titan.

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