Spice and Wolf, Don't miss a classic.

  • Hey people i am trying to do a little research on this show, and would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you liked,loved,hated or have not even watched the show.
    Give me a one word answer or a full descriptive explanation on why you like/dislike this (what i think is a classic) show.
    Thanks !

  • I've only watched the first season. It was fine, I suppose. A bit heavy-handed on the whole economics angle, but Holo and Lawrence were pretty nice characters.

  • @SpacemanHardy Thanks for your opinion buddy ,
    Would you ever consider watching the second season ?

  • @BlemaefyHolo I intend to eventually. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. My backlog is already enormous.

  • I really liked Season 1. It has a decent story and the characters are great.

    Season 2 is good too, but that last story arc, to me, wasn't all that great. I do own the show on BD / DVD and it's definitely worth a watch.

  • Loved it. Leads have great chemistry together and are well written and voiced. Not me, but some will criticize the ending as unsatisfying but I'd argue it wraps up the important threads and is merely an open ending, not a bad one.

  • @BlemaefyHolo

    Hmmm, u sound like that one poster I was reading on CR forums.....

    But yes; greatest anime, 21st Century, thus far... make no mistake. Only problem is, their company went (effectively) bankrupt thanks to 2008. Else, maybe woulda gotten more seasons (and logical conclusion thereof).

    But no matter...

  • Thanks everyone for the info !
    And yes i am also on CR as well as a few others to broaden the answers i get,
    It really is a shame about season 3, from the information iv collected from many many people so far it is a confusing on the decisions they made on continuing.
    The only saving grace is that the material is available, to produce and continue.
    But alas it will always be a top show to me !

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