Please fix the site .... i know you worked hard but you ruined all the good parts of :(

  • as i said i know you worked a long time on it but the site isnt working anywhere near as well as it did...i cant select specific episodes on shows, nor can i scroll through things or anything of the such...there is NO convenience to stream or do anything on the site anymore.... please re add those features back in and make the home page SMALLER the boxes are to far apart its HUGE

  • @Fangnir I experience similar issues. It also boots me out often. Also, pages on simudub linked back to itself, and you cannot log in directly to the queue. This update seems to be a step back in useful features. Took forever to even find the forums and had to type in the url by hand.

    Edit. Also, for some reason, I cannot bulk unsubscribe from all forums so my inbox here is spammed.

  • i agree i was so used to those features also the video is slow for some reason, also be nice if they add a queue feature where we can skip a shop all the way to the top instead of dragging all the way to the top

  • This whole new site is crazy stupid, it feels like a crappy early 2000 site you would run into. For how much time they claimed to have been working on this, this site is a joke now, just go back to the old site and fix the forums.

  • i should also add that yes besides the fact its loading slower because its trying to connect constantly in the new video streamer.... WHY ARE YOU USING A SKIP SECONDS SYSTEM?! it needs to be chapter select at BEST ......or nothing at all.... not everyone wants to watch intros and such .....

    also its better off going back to the old way with a few of the new features left in tact..... to bad there arent many good features to drag back....

  • Same. i can't watch most of my shows without reporting the issues

  • this new update via the app and the website. it is garbage and I looked through my queue a lot of the shiws I have saved to it are missing now. this update is Horrible everything in the old layout was better. If you were to go into your queue and you could select custom queue, A-Z or Z-A, even new to queue and show you the list now you cant do that along with not being able to customize your queue because as soon as you log out it messes up your queue. Along with streaming is choppy and when I log on via my Xbox one it says I have no queue setup. Now this part I am not sure if it's a copy write issue or what but fullmetal alchemist is no longer showing up it's still on my queue but when you click on it a page pops up saying this page is Longer available

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