Firefox browser is not compatible with the website

  • whatever you tried to do anything Funimation now services the videos are locking up not even trying to load up 19 go into play mode not even willing to go to do anything at all the video is refusing to even try to do anything it just simply stop at the the main default snapshot picture with place and time set to 0 on both points looking like it's been glitched up some reason the Firefox browser is not compatible with the website

  • Do you have any addons like adblock? Try running Firefox in Safe Mode to see if this helps:

  • Have no idea why this actually fixed it. but I'm going to be killing off my addons for this. and normally I don't have any add blocks and I pretty much have everything turned on so this website's information can be fully utilized without any disruption.

  • If disabling addons manually doesn't help you could try "refreshing" firefox, although that will remove all extensions and reset various other things.

  • Oh I definitely fix the problem I don't know how a anti-virus program an extension piece and a grammar check add on could possibly disrupt it but apparently it did and if I kept it on there the performance problems that are being caused by the safety mode would be too much for me to stand Now we just have to figure out what's up with the low streaming capability

  • @dragonlord If one of your add-ons blocks ads, tracking/telemetry or protects against malware it was probably blocking the which is an adserver owned by google with a sketchy association with malware/advertising.

    I had to unblock it in my hosts file to get videos to play because apparently the player uses it as well

  • I use the latest Firefox, JRE and Flash, though Flash won't affect Funi's HTML5 player. The extensions I use are Clean Links, NoScript and uMatrix for blocking.

    I block things to protect my privacy. I allow the exchange of information with parties I do business with and block those I do not. For example: If I don't have a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, I will block those services because they have no right knowing which websites I go to just because they have a widget placed on that site. It's up to me to decide what I am willing to share.

    I watch YouTube videos and the embedded ones on this site with no problems. Also, I watch videos of CR, Hulu, Netflix, etc. (some that use the Brightcove Flash player) without incident. Every episode stalls and prints "The stream you're trying to watch cannot be found" on the site, but the browser console has an error message, "QuotaExceededError: The quota has been exceeded." pointing to the brightcove player. The only workaround is to refresh my browser to continue watching from where it froze up, and sometimes manually set the time index where it should continue.

    I cannot believe Firefox or the extensions has anything to do with the video player or this site, considering this Forum has a Bug as well. Every time I look at my posts, my profile is always showing that I'm "Offline" when I'm actually "Online." Matter of fact, I don't recall seeing anyone as "Online."

    Very few things work from that previous site and others are missing.

  • @dragonlord Uh??? I using Firefox right now as I type this posted... There nothing wrong with the Firefox browser with this website...

  • I'm using Firefox (64-bit) version 51.0.1 and it works absolutely fine with the site.

  • I'm using Firefox too and I haven't had any problem with the website up to now, except the fact that the website logs me out every hour but I believe it's more related to session handling in general and not the browser itself.

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