frustrated with overall experiance so far.

  • Re: FunimationNow is up.... Now! (Feedback & Questions welcome!!)
    If size was the only problem I would deal with it. the problem I have is the video's stop in the middle forcing me to refresh, If I want to watch an entire show subbed I have to constantly with each episode go to settings only to have a white box in the bottom corner of my screen for the whole show because by selecting the language to Japanese the settings menu refuses to hide. Then to add insult to injury when I'm forced to refresh it will default back to English and start over from where you left off so you have to go to settings again then rewind a few seconds and hope it doesn't crash again. I subbed a 2 weeks ago because funimation has a lot of anime you can only legally watch here but if I have to constantly deal with this bullshit I might just cancel my sub for the sake of my sanity.

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