• So, of course.... The Winter 2017 Anime Season is well underway for subs (such as Crunchyroll), but yet to come in force here. Most of the FUNI-Lineup slated for end of month.

    In terms of me-ness, I am following 7 titles, most in single season for ages:

    Grandblu Fantasy (Not on FUNI)
    Masemune-kun's Revenge
    Konosuba (Not FUNI)
    Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid
    Idol Incidents

    This season is packed though, with 40+ titles though. So I am sure you can find something to watch. Nevertheless, some "observations"...

    1. FUNI's Winter Theme: "Worlds that Speak To You...", need better job on just "which worlds" in q.
    2. For instance, WTF is wrong with "Hand Shakers"? Tentacle porn opening scene? And funky animation; random story? This is 1/3 "FUNIflagship titles"?
    3. AkikaStrip, good enough anime, but the FUNIDub is horrible. Carla (Fairy Tail) VA for main female lead.... The casting on this one is, "bad". Requries a /walloftext right there
    4. Waiting for Chaos;Child first, foremost FUNIDub, hopefully doesn't suck
    5. Please don't hate Aki Adagaki from M... Revenge...
    6. The Crunchyroll/FUNI "Alliance", seemingly yet to materialize for past anime. What happened to "the exchange of titles" between services? I thought FUNI was like gonna dump tons of preexisting subs "in waves"; and CR Dubs (First or Third Party) come here
    7. At least appears no (new) Yaoi/like titles (for FUNI). Summer/Fall was a Yaoi FUNIOVERLOAD with like %20+ of FUNILog
    8. Haruhi Movie, is that ever comming? A tweet, "First half of 2017". RIGHT. Been there, done that. Can't forget that...
    9. Granblue Fantasy is good. Too bad not on FUNI
    10. BTW, nice to see all of u still alive here. Was getting worried...

    Anyways, lots of news...


    EDIT: BTW, u FUNIPEOPLE need to bring back ur trademark; current marketing is lacking motivation at moment...

  • 3 only worth watching. Time to rewatch some animu!

  • Exactly, Funimation picked up quite a few of Crunchyroll titles from the previous season but this season they have not.

  • Pretty light winter season. Only 25 new shows that i' m currently watching. and only 4 new shorts. might end up dropping two, possibly three shows. good selection of shows, so pretty good season so far

  • I agree, TGA,

    There is a ton more this winter season than were in the Fall Season. This has gotten me back into watching Anime again...

    Great Season so far

  • no, Fall definitely had more shows airing. Winter brings us 34 new full length shows, and Fall had 46 new full length shows and at least a dozen shorts

  • This is a heavier season for me than I expected. I have nine shows this season I'm watching week to week. Two of them I am following the Simuldub Nanbaka and Akiba's Trip which I will say the dub for AT is really good.

  • @Getchman

    Not anything *watchable... Good debate on CR about Fall, actually. So much Yaoi. And unless u liked Kenjiro/Yuri for some reason, complete miss....

    No matter, least Winter is good overall. The best? No.... And more stuff then last year, although still miss my Dagashi Kashi...

  • @thegrandalliance

    i found plenty of things watchable in Fall, though of course, our interests and opinions on i think most anime are very different. Im not sure what kenjiro is referencing, but if Yuri means Yuri On Ice, then yes, i really enjoyed that one.

  • @Getchman

    Keijo or whatever, the girls -clothing sport show.

    But the point is, Fall had a limited range of demographic appeal. If u liked that stuff, good. If not, ur left out in the cold.

    This season actually has "something (and maybe a whole lot thereof) for everyone". More diverse content. Is it the best? Again, no, but still *watchable, nevertheless.

  • ok, now I udnerstnad, and yeah, I do agree with you on that point.

    Also enjoyed Keijo, a lot. was expecting to considering it was an Xebec production

  • I follow a LOT of shows, but the ones this season that I consider "worth watching" are,

    March Comes Like a Lion
    Blue Exorcist
    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
    Saga of Tanya the Evil

    The others that I am watching just for the funsiez

    ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Department
    Akiba's Trip
    All Out!!
    Gabriel Dropout
    Hand Shakers (For the pretty animation)
    Dragon Maid
    Koro-Sensei Quest
    Scum's Wish
    Little Witch Acadamia TV
    Masamune's Revenge

  • Mostly just catching up with a lot of my shows from the Fall season still, but I've started both Interviews with Monster Girls and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid for this season, and both of those shows are sickeningly adorable and super cute and fun, so I definitely see myself sticking with those all the way through.

    0_1484875282902_Dragon Maid cute.gif

  • @classyspartan

    Dragon Maid good; Kyoto Animation (Haruhi). The Interviews Mon Girls... though, as I posted on CR, is questionable. I see it as some sort of "pity fest"; a social engineering attempt in Japan to "feel sorry for disabled people", as like monsters are ever to be considered "disabled".

    And the so-called demi/monsters aren't very monsteree in first place.

    I can go into more detail if someone needs be; in either case, after watching few episodes, I cannot tolerate it further. Maybe me just "evil", IDK...

  • Not many shows look worth watching to me. Granted, I have seen very little of this season. I'm enjoying Akiba's Trip and I'm personally really enjoying the dub and I'm looking forward to Nanbaka but nothing else really looks that good. Nothing this season to get me to renew my subscription especially with the bad apps and website. Sad really. Probably also won't be watching DubbleTalk this season as well. Nothin they have listed peak my interests. Nothing even on the "might check out" list even. Sad.

  • @betuor

    Most, if not all save Akiba, of my list are actively Crunchyroll titles at moment and not FUNimation. Most are comming here, but not yet.

    So if your statement above is regarding the FUNILibary, and not all anime in general, I suggest you wait until first week of February when new dubs released before evaluating Winter 2017 therefore.

    There are 40+ titles of some sort this season; and diverse set at that, so if you are having problems, it could be you are losing an absolute interest in anime. Bur no matter...

  • I have Suzuka on S.A.V.E. so I am interested in watching Fuuka which I understand is the pseudo sequel but after reading the synopsis It looks really sad especially if you watched Suzuka. I enjoyed the first two episodes of Akia's Trip but am wondering why episode 3 was not posted and a couple of other look interesting but I find this new season a bit lacking after Mob Psycho 100, Difters, 91 Days, and Jokers game. to me it dosent seem like this next set has all Guts of the the pervious season.

  • @sprtekid2003

    Ahh, I see u more into adult titles. Have you checked out ACCA on Crunchyroll yet? Some people like that. Also, Tanya the Evil (headed to FUNI) as well.

    Lastly, Chaos;Child . But that assumes you like the "Science Adventure" anime series, like Steins;Gate, Robotics;Note, and the like.

  • I have not watched them must check it out but yes I prefer adult anime, I grew up watching Toonami from 4-6 PM in the afternoon back in the day,
    my favorites include Outlaw Star Big O and Cowboy Bebop, all these constant high school drama lamas with a few exceptions have become quite boring and personally I feel as of late they are very cookie cutter and have lost what made Anime different from everything else. but drifters and My Hero Academia have certainly put those thoughts temporarily to bed And interesting to note I saw an ACCA title already of the funimation app on XBOX One so it may already be live.

  • @sprtekid2003

    Yes, and IDK if you like JRPG anime, but would suggest Granblu Fantasy as well. I imagine it is getting one-way ticket to Adult Swim (A-1 Pictures; Aniplex) when full season releases in Spring.

    But, if course, not the "adult" titles, yet still great character design. Reason y it exists in first place. No matter...

  • @thegrandalliance

    I saw a clip from it was actually interested, the fight scenes looked cool....but character design only gets you so far... if an anime doesn't have a good story and good characters it becomes forgettable.....forgive me for being a little bit of a critic here but maybe the reason I am so picky is we only got so many anime to come over to US shores back in the day so it was usually the pick of the litter and best suited for the US and now it is so much easier to watch these shows that maybe I might be expecting too much. and I tend to enjoy anime that other people find boring like Gundam Wing. But then again I am weird as seeing I do not like subbed anime (except for Hellsing the original (I love both sub and dub) and Buddy Complex seeing as how it dosent have a dub))

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