So, Sophie......

  • I go to Japan in Mid- August, few days later forums shut down. Then after that, blog comments gone as well. More months past. Supposed to be back up in December 8....

    @Sophie said in Forum is moving:


    Do you think you can give me an idea of how soon we'll be switching? I ask just because I like to help run tournaments. Is thing going to drop in a just a few days? Weeks?

    More than weeks. We expect the forum to only be down for maintenance for a few days up to I think a week before the switchover. Because most everything will be migrated, the tournaments could just be paused during that time right?

    -Famous last words.....

    But at least we are back. Me been a refugee over at Crunchyroll for the last bit. Must say, cannot be more glad... Miss my intelligent (very much so) FUNIFriends.

    Perhaps a userguide on the new forum code be nice. For one, I is wondering whether still possible to play YouTube videos in-line now; all the old posts just have it convert to URL.

    But no matter...

  • Is/was steam not good enough between me and you?

  • @darthrutsula163 said in So, Sophie......:

    Is/was steam not good enough between me and you?

    Sorry, don't know who is this "163" darthy thing...... :)

  • Well welcome back TGA... I have seriously missed the forums too.

  • I was actually glad to see you posting on the CR forums TGA, as I missed seeing your posts. But I'm glad the forums on Funi are back now. I mostly lurk but I like the feel of the forums better over here.

  • @lord_haw

    From what I observed over last several months... The users of the FUNI forum have much higher reading/writting grade lvl then CR. Therefore, debates more civil and on-topic. CR users tend to take directed personal offense to everything (if u disagree it is because u hate them); logic and also humor is lost there upon.

    Furthermore, FUNI's active users are more well versed in anime, and understand the breath of anime content. Their "tastes" of what passes "as good" also much higher.


    At first, this sound like random Otaku elitism or something... If you actually compare CR/FUNI libary of anime season-by-season, FUNI blows CR out of water.

    The best of anime (historically) has always eventually found its way to FUNimation at some point. So, if you never exposed yourself to it before, ur ability to comprehend the totality of anime is rather limited. Then u start thinking "certain things"...

    But no matter...... As of course,

    You Should Be Watching...

  • @thegrandalliance

    I don't disagree. Many of the conversations on CR do devolve rather rapidly (the Masamune-kun's Revenge topic being a case in point). Which is why I don't post too often over there and my posts tend to not generate any or much activity...course that could just be me :P

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