New to queue and Filter.

  • Just skimming through the site a bit and noticed a few features that were on the old site were no longer on the new site. On the older site I was able to go to my queue and sort the queue by "new to the queue". This was extremely helpful, because as someone who is behind on watching anime anything new Funimation puts out I can easily add it to my queue and sort it. Another feather that seems to be lost is the being able to browse what anime was available and filter it by year, and dub or sub. Seems like you can't do it on the new site. Really hoping these two features get added back on in the future update. Also I understand it's a new site, but it's not as smooth as I would expect it to be. Some lag here and there, and takes a little longer to load videos.

  • I am also having some trouble with the new queue set up. Before there was a button you could press to see more videos from a series and select which one to watch; because sometimes I skip the ending song, and when a new episode is uploaded it would not show up as the next video to watch. So I go to the shows page and select another season to see the videos and then all the videos would just disappear. It's so frustrating because I want to catch up on a current season but I have to jump around to find the new uploaded video.

    There is also the fact that shows I have finished and removed from my queue are popping up again when I removed them quite awhile ago; and series that I am much further along in have me back in my queue at episode 1.

    I too understand that it's a new site so there are bound to be some problems so I am expecting them to resolve the problems in the coming weeks.

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