Code Geass Collector's Edition Buyer Feedback

  • I wanted to make this post to send some feedback to you guys at Funimation about my purchase of this Code Geass set and to allow some of the others in this forum to chime in as well. I'm very pleased that you guys have finally released it and brought back the classic anime Code Geass back into print. What I was a bit disappointed by however was the lack of artwork on the discs. Don't get me wrong, I love the reversible covers and box art but Code Geass has so many characters that disc art would have really gave a lot of the fan favorite characters more room to shine. I love box sets that have a lot of art to them and Code Geass was one that I hoped would have that. The other aspect that I didn't like was the art cards being in a box separate from the chipboard box. I understand people were requesting it but the problem is that I have no idea where to put them on my shelf. There is no label on the spine so it doesn't look right on my shelf right next to the chipboard box. Please take this into consideration Funi, I love you guys but I hope to see more decorative box sets in the future. Thank you.