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  • I've watched a few samples of some episodes as a test since the site was updated, and I quickly noticed a drop in sound quality since before the changes were made. I've experienced audio artifacting in multiple episodes across multiple shows, and I hope this isn't indicative of the future of streaming on this site. Audio is very important to me in media, music in particular, and while I understand that extremely high bitrates may not be feasible, I hope this lower audio quality represents growing pains in the new site rather than the standard moving forward.

    I submitted a ticket in the site's Contact Us section, but I realized that might not be the best place to do this. Having an open discussion about it would probably be better, and I know I can't be the only one feeling this way.

  • First of all, thank you for submitting a ticket.

    I too have been hearing rather lossy audio, particularly on the Roku app during episodes of Fairy Tail. Hopefully this is just a temporary oversight and they'll work on improving the audio quality sooner rather than later.

  • Yeah the Fairy Tail dub has very poor audio quality on the Roku. I tried watching to the same episode in Japanese and the audio is perfectly fine.

    The movie Hal also has this problem.

  • A support ticket has been submitted to the developers. I have been asked to try and reproduce the issue. I'll update with more information as I have it.

    Moving this thread over to Funimation Help.

  • The audio quality is passable in dialog, but it's very noticeable in songs and in sound effects such as explosions. Heavy Object is a good example. The missile and explosion sounds during the opening narration of the first episode are very tinny, like they've been compressed more than before.

  • I've been able to reproduce by comparing to our raw video files. I used Space Dandy because the sound is so important for that one, and I like the opening. ~_^ There is a significant difference. I've requested that the issue be raised to critical.

  • Thanks a lot, you've been a big help. I'm glad I got a positive response this quickly.

  • @pickelsurprise said in Audio Quality in Streaming:

    Thanks a lot, you've been a big help. I'm glad I got a positive response this quickly.

    It's really the other way around. You guys are helping us. ^_^ Thank you so much for reporting and making a ticket.

  • I noticed a huge dip in audio quality too. Hopefully things get fixed soon.

  • I've noticed some just generally lower quality audio in other shows(which I ticketed for before seeing this thread) but the last few minutes or so of Ergo Proxy Ep 11 is basically half horrendous crackling. Popped in several times earlier in the episode as well. I'd call it essentially unlistenable.

  • I also noticed that at points the audio having some weird sounds to it I was also using the Roku. also at random points the picture quality would go to a black screen with some glitch blocks on the upper corners for about 10 seconds then it will correct itself sometimes.

  • Before the update I wasn't having any issues what so ever audio or video.... Now I'm buffing every 10-15 seconds while also getting muddy or just generally bad sound.

    Why did they update the video player honestly it didn't need it I was able to watch everything at least on 720p 0 buffering now I can't even watch on the lowest possible quality without buffering and sound problems.

  • Yeah, you can really here it here:

    Soul Eater - Ep 01

    The opening scene "A Sound Soul, wells within a Sound Mind and a Sound Body". Every time the S sound is made you can hear the high frequency 'ssss' noise get garbled into noise.

    Additionally the opening theme you can hear the compression artifacting in the sub track behind the audio during the verses pretty clearly.

  • @GaryDAI @Sophie @SpacemanHardy I not had an issue with poor audio quality on my Roku, however I am deal with an issue with my Roku on Funimation with Fairy Tail dub. Where in the middle of the ep. something it will NOT let me rewind or pause or fastward etc. Basically I can't used my Roku remote at all. Not I know what your thinking it the thing I was thinking too "change the batteries" well I did that. And the same thing happen again with brand new batteries knew it was NOT that. Also at the end of the Fairy Tail ep. where I can't do anything with my remote it will go to a black screen. And I can't go back or switch to another app. I half to unplug my Roku from my TV (my Roku is a USB stick by the way) and then plug it back in. And then wait a minutes to get it back on. And then started over. It keep doing it 1 like ever 2 or 1 ep. at a time and only on my Roku. My PS4 Funimation App does not do this. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue. As it only happen on Funimation App. It does not do this with Nexfic App or any of my other apps on Roku. Please Help me. Thank You.

  • Buddy from another forum was analyzing the new quality for audio/video streams since the update and it looks like everything streams at a constant 62 kbps on both new and old shows. Before the update we had a variable audio quality between 126kbps-327kbps. The video quality has increased but the audio has taken a huge hit. The results are really noticeable and it is a shame when the episodes uploaded to Funimations official Youtube channel have higher audio quality than the home site's paid service.

  • The Fairy Tail audio is still a mess. I report a lot of issues, but it's still there months later. It's sad.

  • @GaryDAI What you mean the Fairy Tail audio mess? I been watching it on TV on the app alot since I watching series. And the audio is FINE...

  • @gohan6425

    On my Roku 3 the Fairy Tail dub has awful audio quality. It was fine on the old app, but something happened with the new app. It's like the sound is clipping or static. I'm not sure how to describe it.

  • Yeah, Fairy Tail's audio is very tinny and lossy. I've been watching an episode every single day for #YearOfFairyTail, and while the video is good, the audio is just unacceptable.

    I haven't really noticed audio issues on any of the newer simuldubbed shows, but in Fairy Tail's case, it's very apparent.

  • @GaryDAI I have a Roku USB stick. It fine. It when the ep. end it freezers on my Roku is the only issue...

  • It's basically the encoding, maybe it was setup to save bandwidth or optimize the streaming. Either way, everything is going to have to be re-encoded. (Woo!)

    I noticed this wayyyyy back when the Windows 10 app was first released, but I thought it was reported already.


    Like someone mentioned above, the video quality is amazing now! But, the audio.....

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