Site Suggestions

  • Design for 4k and 8k

    • Go to new releases page on a desktop monitor, or any page that displays a list of videos/shows.
    • Zoom out on the page, that is how it looks on higher resolution monitors. A FHD(1920x1080) at 50% zoom is what a 4k would look like, 25% zoom gets you 8k. At 4k, the selection area is about 1/3 of the page, 1/6 for 8k.
    • Picture collections should fill the screen width. The only time you should constrain the width is for text.
    • Options
      • Use ng-repeat within col-12
      • Keep the pictures in separate bootstrap columns, but use something like bootstrap-big-grid to extend to resolutions beyond col-lg.

    Show Page (Any show)

    • Only showing 4 episodes at a time is annoying.
    • At least show every episode for the season, it usually doesn't go past 13 and rarely past 30.
    • Prefer giving a list of all episodes for all seasons and allowing the client to sort/filter/search to their hearts content.

    Video Player

    • First, ty for saving the volume setting.
    • Episodes with the old 4:3 aspect ratio have gray borders to the side, that needs to be black. Nothing like a very dark sceen you can't see because the sides are too bright. The sides used to be black, and are black on the windows app.
    • Episode Selection
      • Needs to be looked at, a good example is Tales of Zestiria episode 14. The 2nd season is currently only available subbed.
      • When I click season 1, all the episodes show up as only Japanese, even though they are available in English.
      • Refresh time of the list is 3-5 seconds for me, long enough to wonder if it missed the click. You should immediately clear the list, and add a spinner.
      • There is a bar to the left of the play icon that I would expect to show how far I made it into the episode, but it's just a gray bar right now even for episodes that I've watched between 50 and 100%.
      • I think you should change the style.
        • Turn the list into an accordian, like Netflix.
        • Make it wider
        • ListItem (The always seen view)
          • Remove the play icon
          • Show the progress. Either with a small progress bar, or by turning the whole list item into a progressbar (Would be cool and quick to see which episodes, but the styling/color would be difficult for me)
        • ToggledView(The Accordian dropdown part)
          • Add a description, give more details?, allow directly playing english or japanese
      • Extras don't seem to be working. The only 2 examples I have are
        • Tales of Zestria, where the Season drop down shows extras, but nothing for the Extras.
        • Mongolian Chop Squad, where I know extras existed, but aren't available from the season selection.

    Video Preferences

    • Default language selection (mrkillall12)

    Show Lists, such as All Shows

    • Allow client side paging and filtering/searching/ordering, easy assuming you're using ng-repeat for the lists.
      • Much faster navigation and searching, better user experience in general.
      • Reduces the server calls
      • Give the option for a list of names instead of the picture tiles

    Contact Us Form

    • Ability to add attachments (otakuanthony)


    • The dropdown for the shopping cart stays up way too long when your not actively hovered over it. Reduce the time for it's hover in general, and dismiss it if another menu is chosen.
    • The Playlist/Queue Button at the top of the page needs optimized. It starts off on the Profile Tab, then moves over to Queue. Initialize the controller with the parameters you need instead of initializing all the data in the controller, then updating the info.
    • For the fastest UI. Use local storage or indexedDb to cache versioned lists/objects, the server can take just a type and version number, check it against a latest version table and determine if your list is out of date. You get smaller responses nearly all of the time because most basic information rarely changes, such as the list of all shows and the basic displayed information about each show. It allows you to reduce server load significantly, usually only referencing 1 table, and sending back a few bites instead of KB. Yeah, it's hard and takes a while to implement, but it's really fast.
    • It's really white. More color would be good, and themes like zackfoss suggested would be great.

  • Wow, thank you for all the great suggestions! That's very thorough and well put together. ^_^

  • Well to follow up on that cough , it would also be nice to have a default language selection in video preferences as well. It gets rather annoying to have to switch the language with each new episode (well at least to play it with subs). Though i don't know if you all did it on purpose with the whole cruncyxfunni thing or not.

  • I do have one idea for a suggestion. It would be extremely helpful in the Contact us form to have an area for where attachments could be added. This would be useful when someone has a issues with the site or an app and wants to take a screen shot of the issue so that Support can see exactly what the user is seeing. Having worked in tech support and customer service for years this would make the job of the support team easier so that they can see what exactly the users is seeing.

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