The Anime of 2016

  • Well, the forums are finally up, so I gotta question for you. What do you think was THE anime of 2016, whether it be personal favorite, a critical smash, or what you are convinced is the most popular?

    My personal favorite is My Hero Academia, but I'm pretty sure the anime of 2016 was Re:Zero - even if the Crunchyroll Anime Awards say it was Yuri on Ice.

  • Winter - Erased
    Spring - MHA/Kabaneri
    Summer - None of them, so take one of the spring animes and use them for summer
    Fall - Damn, this one is a tough one. My personal preference is Keijo but Flip Flappers is close second.

    Best for the year though? I think I need to give that to Erased. I absolutely loved all the other ones I listed, either for absurdity (Kabaneri) stupidity (Keijo) beauty (Flip Flappers) or badassery (MHA) but none of them got me to feel for a character like Erased had me for Kayo. Episode 8 hit me hard, even as a person who can sympathize. And I can't recall a time where I was like "oh my god I MUST watch this now" as far as anime/TV goes (okay NOT a star wars show or Veep).

    If you are someone who is okay watching whatever, I highly recommend these 5 shows.

  • alt text

    Winter - Erased
    Spring - Re:Zero
    Summer - The Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance
    Fall - Yuri on Ice

    Anime of the Year - Erased

    alt text

    I know most of my choices aren't popular. It's the "cool" thing now to hate on Yuri on Ice and a lot of people were extremely disappointed in Erased. Arslan was a show that barely anyone talked about and Re:Zero seems to be the one that got all the hype, although in the end it was the show that probably wound up disappointing me the most by the end, I didn't care for much of the second half of the series.

    However, I just can't argue that the show that gave me the most emotion and had me the most on the edge of my seat, please give me another episode was Erased. Yes, the ending was a bit weak, but that did not take away from my overall experience and my love of the show.

    alt text

    It just really sucks, in my opinion, that this seems like a series that is destined to fade away, despite all the hype and attention that surrounded it while airing. Too many people cling to the fact that the mystery was simple, and yes when we see it through the eyes of the viewer it's obvious, but it wasn't really about WHO the killer was, it was about saving the victims. And this show had me incredibly invested in Hinazuki as a character, which is likely why I felt so strongly for the show. I WANTED her to live, so that made the experience of it all the better.

    alt text

    This show had so many fantastic characters (Freaking best Mom in anime, for sure), a tension that kept you on the edge of your seat, beautiful art and animation, a kickass soundtrack and was definitely my favorite for the year.

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