Welcome Back!

  • Holy cow... I can't believe the forums are actually back up.

    Well, welcome back everyone. I hope things get back to the way they used to be.^^

  • Crazy to be back. I go to a convention for a weekend and the forums die. So it is weird to finally be back.

  • Hey how was akon?

  • @classyspartan Yeah, it feels weird for me too, but I'm glad it's back. I really only hung out here, and on steam. I tried to find a decent anime group to chill with on steam, but none were holding my interest. So yes, I'm quite happy the forums are back up.

  • It's nice to see all those familiar usernames back.

  • Remember when we were told that it would all be over with in like a week? Good times.

    I mean where was I supposed to be a cancer to a internet user-base? I don't like the crunchy forums and youtube is annoying.

    It just helps that the funi forums has a group that has similar tastes and all.

    And then we have TGA who friended me on steam and decided to be a cancer to me there <.< By the way don't give him the opportunity to get like meta-philosophical, like how the dollar only has value because we let it have value. Our chats are nice but man there are some topics that just can't be brought up. (not to come across as bashing him)

  • Hey. I can't believe that the forums are back after the rebranding of the site.

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