PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback

  • @Stevenelliott25 Dragon Ball Super 1 hour special was going on. Things are back up.

  • Iโ€™ve had multiple problems
    My account would not let me resubcribe
    Then it would not disable the mature content and now it will not load and when it does load the show buffers forever and I donโ€™t like how you canโ€™t fast forward with the d-pad or hide the hub by pressing down on the d-pad

  • @ethandrigg

    To fix your account and resubscribe, please contact Customer Support via this form:

    You can only disable mature content restriction from the website. You can do this from My Account > Preferences > Video Settings.

    You can fast forward by pushing R2 and rewind by pushing L2. Tapping either of these does a 10-second skip. You can hide the HUD by pushing circle. These controls are displayed in the HUD at the bottom of the screen.

  • @Sophie I keep having the you have been disconnected from the network pretty much every weekend and anytime I send in a problem tag they send me back saying it's been fixed which is starts working again but then either the next day or the next weekend it does it again I really enjoyed Funimation but this is really starting to get annoying also on a side note not really involving the PS4 for the most part but is there any update to account linking with vrv

  • @Butters3856

    Yes, the same issue happened again. We are keeping an eye on it. Please refer to this thread for updates.

    There is no information regarding account linking with VRV. We're just a channel on it.

  • @Sophie Why is it that I can when in the app on PS4 L1 to jump to the end of of my continue watching shows (242) shows I have and why is it that when looking in my queue, I press L1 to jump to the end and click see more and then click L1 again and it not jump to the end of my list? Will this ever be fixed as it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying? Maybe turn continue watching into our queue and our queue into continue watching?

  • So new issue with PS3 (maybe it's old, I don't know). I watch a show (in this case assassination Classroom) it plastic to the "ad mark", stops playing, then goes right back to the beginning of the show. So I think, "Hey, I'll just fast forward to where I was, slightly irritating but whatever" only now that the show has reloaded, I don't have a fast forward option. Hmmmmm. Would love to subscribe, but will not do so if this is the level of quality I can expect.

  • I like the app so far, but the video stops to buffer every 10 seconds. Litterally. I can stream hulu, netflix, or Amazon Prime Video without issue. But the Funimationnow app for the ps4 stops CONSTANTLY. It drives me nuts. Also just typing this review with my phone was a hastle. The cursor is in the completely wrong place when i type. And every time i try to fix it, it wants to try to paste in whatever text i may have copied at the moment.

  • Now the "Recently Added" section of the PS4 app (both on the Home screen and sorting that way in the Shows section) is all out of order.

  • @Rylocke said in PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback:

    Now the "Recently Added" section of the PS4 app (both on the Home screen and sorting that way in the Shows section) is all out of order.

    Yup. It's showing stuff that was added months and years ago upfront, as if it was just added. Changing the sorting order back and forth doesn't work to reset it or anything.

  • @LetMeThink same here cant watch a show at all with out constant buffering and lag... also the recent updates not working... its getting me annoyed and double thinking funimation all together

  • I have played this on PC, PS3 and Xbox one now, and I got to say Xbox app is a million times better then PS3 one. Where is the love? I mean xbox app has 3 star raiting and ps3 has a 4 and a half but seems so broken compared to the xbox app I just played other day

    I mean I love this streaming service but we use old ps3s as blueray/streaming players now using the ps3 remotes. First thing I notice its awkward to use using the ps3 remote, I don't have a remote for xbox saddly but used it at my sisters house when visiting to watch anime with her, and I was just awwed by the difference of the xbox app and PS3 one I was using. But that is my big complaints I can't use the arrows on the ps3 remote to scroll I got sort out where the r1 and l1 keys are on it to only fast forward and rewind, at least with triggers it works on xbox alright on ps3 though I hit it once and it goes to x2, x4 etc more I hit, makes it annoying to fast forward past intros in anime when doing a marathon with my family, and those 2 minute intros add up fast as I spend 24 episodes in one day with them, taking time to do some nice cooked meals in between.

    But it just feels like sony has more users for the app at least more rating it, and yet xbox has the complete app. also a way to filter by raiting on app would be nice I did see I can see the ratings as I scroll in ps3 app, but I am nanny with little ones so I am trying to get them into some anime as well, and it would be nice to limit the tv-ma for when I am watching it with other adults not little ones so they don't go "oh that one," for a tv-ma fan service anime I know I don't want a 5 year old watching picking new words, like pervert, or zombie transvestite :P

    Other then that though not bad, I mean hulu and them way better still for their app, but I love having all the dubbed anime at my finger tips kind of surprised I just barely realized I should have googled for a dub stream service just this last weekend, been stuck with the scraps on hulu and netflix for ages now. So i really want to see this app/service get better, as I am now watching it more then hulu and netflix put together. Especially now I am nanny, subs do not work at all when I got prep food for little ones, or turn my back on the tv for a few seconds to make sure little girl in the bathroom is washing her hands and not playing in the sink. So to me dubb is worth its weight in gold as I can take my eyes off the screen. Plus I cook a lot even when off the clock now so I like being able to stir a pot, or cut up some sausage for my breakfast hash, and still be able to watch a new show with out missing an important line of text.

    But if you can take some notes from xbox app, like holding r1 to scroll, or maybe making it compatible for ps3 remotes so I can use the arrows surrounding the enter button to fast forward past intros. I mean that old school x2, x4 etc speed scrolling is not that great, I liked on xbox I tapped the trigger it skipped a few seconds, hold it it skipped more. Same with top bumper above trigger being skip to next episode, if wasn't for the fact the batteries ran low on the controller this weekend twice it would been perfect experience compared to the playstation app. I been using for 3 days now at home that I now am starting to not like. May have to set up an xbox one just for funimation, which is lame as we got an old ps3 downstairs and one ps4 upstairs in loft so I shouldn't need to lug a xbox up and down stairs as needed to play it comfortably.

  • PS3 is old & busted.

    PS4/XB1 is the new hotness.

  • @Nobu said in PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback:

    PS3 is old & busted.

    PS4/XB1 is the new hotness.

    Sony barely even supports the PS3 anymore.

    with Firesticks and Roku sticks costing less than $40, it's better to just get one of those than deal with bad app support for EOL electronics.

  • I was watching funimation app on ps3 and worked great for the longeat time... Now today 1/9/18 I get to the main screen and when I hit selection or navigate I get a white semi transparent screen.!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sony doesn't have to support ps3 anymore. I mean I got two in my house hold and 3 big screens so yeah they are now blueray, and streaming service players in my house. And its not Sony who updates the apps, I got hulu, and netflix on ps3 and xbox one they update them both about the same time. I mean I not buying two more xbox ones or ps4s just to have the loft and living room have a blue ray player that can run hulu, that is just crazy. I mean they may not be much use for gaming on an old ps3 anymore, but damn they make sturdy players for hulu, netflix, and what not as well as blueray players if you got one laying around.

    Not every one turns in their old systems for 20 bucks to game stop, heck I still got a Genesis, as well as my old N64, Dreamcast etc in storage for nostalgia reasons.

  • @Zalzany said in PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback:

    I still got a Genesis, as well as my old N64, Dreamcast etc in storage for nostalgia reasons.

    Those are worth keeping.

  • @epaulson Please report this via the Contact Support form with exact steps to reproduce. Our QA team has not encountered this issue yet, but I've seen a couple user reports of it, including yours.

    In the meantime, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Then make sure that you are logged in.

  • On a future update maybe add when looking in genres it shows 13 to pick from. It would be really nice when picking anyone of these, if when pressing options on the Ds4 it included rating selections as well? When clicking options on the Ds4 sorted by shows followed by under that a-z, z-a, recently added and most popular but it would be nice to search by rating also.

    On a side note it feels good and is so nice again to pick a show and press circle to back up to episode selection and not having to do all those extra step like before! I'm still hoping for the ability to hold L1 or double tap it to skip back a chapter???

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