PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback

  • Please post all feedback for the new FunimationNow PlayStation app in this thread, including any screenshots if applicable.

    All constructive feedback is welcome. It will help us work on the next version.

  • Please post all feedback for the new FunimationNow PlayStation app.....

  • @Sophie said in PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback:

    Please post all feedback for the new FunimationNow PlayStation app in this thread, including any screenshots if applicable.

    All constructive feedback is welcome. It will help us work on the next version.

    Unlike any other PS4 Media app I've used, i did like what i saw when i open it... Time to break it to you Pal ITS HORRIBLE!!! Not just seeing compacted errors just typing my email and password constantly instead of using the PS4 own keyboard they use an in app keyboard, that keyboard will come off if i simply just press Up on the D-pad over the letter A. I don't know who does that, but i know hulu agrees when pressing "Done" means get off my screen. When login to the app i thought "Finally! High quality navigation similar to the Xbox One's Version 1 in 2015 or 2016." No! i was absolutely wrong. Have any of you ever heard of a Dream Board. Version 1 on the PS4 felt stiff but not hard where i wish my television is touchscreen like my Computer. My friend told me the same thing, "If they build the UI with a Dream Board it will be easy to build the app. They need to associate not just their customers to act quickly to solve a problem but to talk with the Graphic Designer to avoid long standing problems." I mean have you open it, It feels like the feature list you see on the IOS App. You can't get out of until you move the D-pad around, and let me say it was my too big to be my Queue. Above that is the Headers to navigate through, I felt relieve that at least by the time that's fix i can still enjoy some good content and ignore the UI.

    My friend played SpongeBob Narration: Ten minutes later the struggle become real Just using the app's organization tool to alphabetize each one of the shows i still see shows that aren't suppose to be there after it ends loading. Now i miss the old app. I had it a lot easier at day one besides the last minute maintenance. The old app was easy, a bit rough on the video where sometimes the picture stops and the audio keeps going or the buffer image goes over the video while it plays because its rendering the video. I mean i never got to see anime's dub because all anyone tells me is go to Crunchyroll. That app was the Light from the sky i've been looking for, High School DXD, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Assassination Classroom while its simultaneously being broadcast over japan. I almost went to a mountain to scream out "BETA TESTING CAN BE FREE YOU KNOW!!!", HELL, ask me to do it and i'll be stoked to help out. To help out a little more, i turned off the app and use my computer and pray to hope it will be better... Get ready because i'm reviewing this all for you can learn from your mistakes.

  • I really wish that the new app allowed fast forward and rewind with the analog stick like the old app had. I'm pretty crippled up so I can't use the controller normally. What I do us its on a stand and I use my nose to control the playstation, there's no way I can use R1 and L1!
    I'm also having trouble playing some shows, but its probably new system SNAFUs, so I'm gonna be patient!

  • I'm not a fan. It seems too app-y (bad choice of words) It seems like it was designed for a tablet or phone with touchscreen in mind. It's a pain to navigate through and my entire queue is completely out of order so I have no idea where things are. Haven't had any time to actually watch a video so I don't know how that is but I would like to have a 10 second rewind. Never liked that I had to do a 30 second rewind to see something that happened 2 seconds ago. It's the first version so I assume most of this will get fixed as updates come it but I would prefer the layout and ease of navigating of the old version.

  • Is a UK version of the app still/back on the cards? Last update was "later this year", and that was back when the service first launched.

  • The updated UI (both on the playstation and here on the website) are both a mess. As I've seen several others post, its clunky and takes forever to even log in, let alone pick out what you want to watch. It took me 6 tries to pull up an episode of one piece (episode 139) because of the UI flaking out like a madman. Here's precisely how it happened:

    1)Slowly load up the 'my queue' section it took over thirty seconds to load the home page
    2)Slowly move to the end of 'my queue' one show at a time until i got to the very end (and I have a pretty long queue)
    3)Pull up one piece (the continue option was showing the previous episode I had already finished and not the next one I hadnt seen yet) and select Season 2.
    4)The app freaks out and selections season 1 despite me selecting season 2. So, I press circle to back out....and get sent back to my queue.
    6)Try again to load season 2 and get season 1 again.
    7)repeat the process 2 more times
    8)Finally decide to try scrolling down from season 1, end up accidentally somehow jumping to season 3. When I try scrolling up, it just takes me to the top line of options.
    9)FINALLY manage my way to episode 139 and press play.

    The set up you had before worked perfectly fine, especially compared to what we've got now. It seriously made me contemplate cancelling my subscription and just throwing my hands up in the air over it all (and I have used your app for hundreds of hours since getting my subscription ages ago). It feels like whoever made this version of the app has never used a controller or seen a menu before.

    Hopefully this gets fixed sometime soon. If you're deadset on keeping this setup, at least fix the logistical and technical problems it has (or at least let us opt to go back to the previous version of the ui).

  • @Writer i know we are going to be good friends. you and i both know this needs a lot more work. The last site was at least manageable compare to this one. Especially since it didn't look like an App.

  • This layout is awful. As others have mentioned, signing in itself is a chore. It doesn't use the built in keyboard, and its buttons don't adhere to the same setup either. And who thought hitting up when at the top of the keyboard should just close it?
    I really hate the "app" interface its going for. I miss being able to view a synopsis of a show by just highlighting it rather than having to actually choose the show and wait for it to load. And loading in general seems slower. I have to wait for each episode to load when cycling through rather than just have them all load at once.
    All in all this is just a mess, just like the site.

  • For some reason, there's ads..

  • Ok Not even sure where to start. First the PS4 app is poor, Takes way too long to load, Google analytics, country info, ect.. loads loads and guess what, loads some more. (75/75 Mbps)
    No way to filter shows by letter then jump to lets say C without page after page of A, then B. (Both web page and PS4 seems this way) over all extremely slow.....
    does not appear to be a way to set it so it does not auto start at the end of an episode when i decide to re-watch a show. (simple fix option to always start at the beginning of an episode)

  • I don't mind all the extra clicks I really loved the previous app and love funimation but the extra clicks aren't enough for me to get upset. What really upsets me is the big box that appears at the bottom right to play next episode now. I don't know if this is on everything else but my PS4 has it and it's so anooying. Not to mention blocks some subtitles. I liked when it just ended the episode then started the countdown. If you're gonna keep the countdown as the episode ends please at least take the picture out and just put the words in the very bottom corner.

  • After looking at previous posts, There is not much more that I can say other than Dito to the issues that others are having.
    The problems I have had in the last two days are as follows and these are carbon copies on the ps3 and ps4 version. Hooked up the 0ld ps3 on the off set chance that only the ps4 updated. This is not really a complaint as it is feedback to help you make the App better for everyone.

    1. Navigating the site. example: when clicking on "my que" first day (1/16) it didn't show recently watched, second day (1/17) it goes to my que other times it goes to recently watched. It will take some time to get used to the new set up but i do agree it does appear to be a touch screen style app. My 16 year old son and I both agree that the old navigation set up worked really well. (so not just the chaotic ramblings of a 40 something year old,lol.)
    2. The google analytics is having a heck of a time loading. This was tried with wifi 2.4ghz (ps3), wifi 5 ghz (ps4) and plugged in directly for both. avg speed 57-63 mbps for direct plug in and 5ghz. (Internet in South West Utah leaves a lot to be desired).
    3. First day it would scroll all the way to the right side of screen and app had to be restarted quite a few times.
    4. Second day nothing is playing at all and getting multiple error pages when it does manage to get past the analytics and loading country, etc. (since starting this post (10 min ago, yes I type slow) My son has restarted the app 9 times at this point with no luck getting past the initial loading stuff. (Have not seen the "loading que" message at all.)
      I've seen a lot of good updates in the last 4 years, (still super happy that it became an app on the PSN, Thank you for that),I look forward to watching with my son and my daughter for years to come. Thank you for all the hard work and I'm sure we'll all get through this like the major buffering issues of 3 years ago.

  • I am a 29 year old that has been watching anime for 25 years, and have experienced all kinda of platforms from streaming to on demand. I'm currently using the PS4 app. This new setup is simply atrocious. I don't even know where to begin....

    The login screen was complete bullshit. It took me 10 minutes to finally fill in the 2 fields with the menu box closing every time I went one space too far. The new requirement of needing a special character in your password, along with the standard capital, lowercase and number is ridiculous. It's an anime streaming site, my bank doesn't even go that far.

    Every page feels clumsy and cluttered. Trying to navigate through tabs is a complete hassle, and since it automatically changes tabs when highlighted, if you accidentally flick the control stick anything you were looking at resets. I liked it more when you highlighted an option or tab then selected it to change to it. Not only that, but because the app loads everything so slowly, accidentally changing tabs and jumping back and forth creates some major lag.

    The queue layout is horrid. I had all my shows arranged in a specific order of priority, and now they're all jumbled together and stacked on top of each other.

    Once i finally find a show to watch, trying to find the last episode I was on is a bitch. Instead of having it all nicely laid out in a single file line to scroll through, where each video had the progress bar automatically showing on each thumbnail, I have to select a season, then wait for it to load, then scroll down slowly one by one through every episode until the preview loads and it tells me if I watched it.

    Then once I finally find an episode to watch (which can take up to 5 minutes now instead of 10 seconds) I have to select the language and cut. Why aren't these options to be set in the account's main preferences? Let alone once the show actually loads, I have to pause it and shut off subtitles if I'm watching dubbed. And I have to do this for EVERY EPISODE! WHY?!?! Make closed captioning a preference setting under the account tab, not something I have to change EVERY EPISODE.

    The in-video controls are crap. Let us use the joystick to fast forward and rewind, not the L and R buttons. Please add a next episode option. Instead of forcing us to watch the credits and wait for it to autoplay, or making us back out, load the entire show tab, scroll through the season's episode list, then select the next episode, set the option to a button on the controller. I seriously spend more time fighting with the new layout than I do watching shows because I can't just hit "Next Episode" once the credits roll.

    You partnered with Crunchyroll. Why can't you use their layout? It's beautiful, simple, easy, fast, convenient. Everything this new Funimation Now app FAILS to be.

    In the past 40 minutes while trying to type this I've had to restart the app twice, and every 2 minutes I get the "Oops, something went wrong" popup, yet the episode and video are still playing perfectly fine in the background.

    Honestly, please revert back to the old layout or adopt Crunchyroll's amazing setup. PLEASE!

  • I just finished submitting a complaint to your contact us about how poor the new streaming service has become after the Playstation Funimation app update. The loads times are extremely long when doing anything in the app, but I can somewhat deal with that. I'm talking just under a minute for a start up load into the app. Then you still have to deal with even more loading times every time you switch a screen or make a new selection. Since this is an entire app layout overhaul. What I can't look pass is the "Oops! Something Went Wrong." pop up every 2 to 5 minutes while watching a show, or problems connecting to server error while navigating through the menu.

    Another issue; is having to turn off the close caption every time a new episode is aired. If you turn off the close caption then your settings should be remembered until you turn it back on.

    Also please either give us an option to turn off the next episode window or kill it all together. I don't need a minute warning to tell me that the next episode will be playing. I already know that my next episode will air after what I'm currently watching is finished. Plus the box takes up a ridiculous amount of space to just warn me. Plus who thought a minute worth of a warning was a good idea. You only really need like 10 seconds at the most for a warning.

    The only credit that I could give you is that you rolled out this garbage during the week and not on a Friday. I remember when another streaming service did it on a Friday, and release a garbage overhaul just like this. Please listen to everyone complainants and fix the app. For me I would like to see the following issues corrected:

    1. Load times reduced to reasonable levels
    2. No more "Oops! Something Went Wrong" pop ups
    3. Remembering that the close caption was turned off
    4. Being able to skip and rewind a few seconds using the directional button again
    5. Give us the ability to not have the next episode window played, or kill the window.

  • The app is horrible. It's slow, counter intuitive, and what's even worse is you decided to go and screw up the website too. Congratulation, you won't be getting my money anymore.

  • On the PS3.

    Wow. Big black boxes for the subtitles. I guess this is how you'll be doing soft subs? This apparently can be controlled by our preferences on the website. It's not clear, but maybe "User Preferences" should be called Caption Preferences or Subtitle Preferences. However, it seems these settings only apply to the website and not the app. Also, setting the caption backgrounds to "None/Transparent" does nothing...

    Speaking of subtitles, the soft subs are coming in late, lagging behind the audio.

    I wish the app would remember my last menu item. If I exit out of an episode, I'd have to go through the whole process to find it again from the title page.

    It takes too long for the in-video menu to drop out and we now no longer have control of making is drop out with the D-pad.

    As most have stated. It's just plain slow and difficult to navigate...

  • @Sophie Hey guys! I've been using Funimation for awhile now and I've really enjoyed the app on the PS4. With the new update there has been some continent features removed that I really liked about the old app. Here are a couple of problems that I have with the new app that I hope will be changed in the future!

    The hover color
    Oh man was this a bad color choice to use when selected over an anime. The color is slightly more purple than the blue that they have. For someone who is color blind and likes to watch anime from the comfort of my own bed this is a big issue for me. Even though I now know that is what I am looking for I still sometimes lose my place and I have this issue quite often. Have some sort of border around it at least or change the color.

    Anime Summaries
    The one thing I really liked about the original app was the quick summary that it gave when you hovered over the anime. It was really nice to just sift through the animes without having to select the anime to see the summary. The other problem this causes is when I try to return after reading the summary on the new app (usually when I'm searching through a specific genres) I am return to the beginning of the genre list and have to go back to the genre I wanted. This gets really tedious and annoying fast.

    2x 4x 8x 16x 32x >>> and next episode
    Man do I dislike this type of fast forwarding. I always go past the part by accident and I frequently go back to far when I try to rewind. Although I think 30 seconds was to much for skipping in the previous app, I think making it 15 seconds each time you press R2 would be perfect (Vise-versa for L2).

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOKU MAKE R1 NEXT EPISODE! Crunchyroll seems to really have the right formula for the use of the Playstation buttons. Even if I fast forward all the way to the end I still have to wait 15 seconds until the next episode plays. Why? Why can't I just press a button to go the next or previous episode.

    Funimation seemed to have remove some Genres in their selection. This is fine and all but not all animes have only one type of Genre. It'd be really nice to have the entire list of the anime's genre along with the summary of the anime. Theres this huge gap that is in between the Top Home bar and the animes that it a shame they couldn't put the summaries in. This would really help to let me know what type of anime I'm about to watch.

    That being said I really like the way everything looks and its definitely more appealing to look at then the older app. I'm glad to see that FUNimation is still updating and I will forever use their service. I know that this post was a lot of complaints but I really do like Funimation and want it to be perfect :D

  • Multi-year subscriber here.

    I fully echo what has already been stated. Trying to be patient, but it takes minutes to do everything. You hit right once and it goes over twice. You press back and it brings you all the way back. Then it is 5 more minutes to get back to the show you were at before and then 3 more minutes to select the episode (if you can get the selection box to stay put and not jump over).

    You went from a snappy app that was easy to move around and that displayed useful information to a vapid, slow, prettier for marketing purposes app that is unfortunately garbage at this point.

    PS3 was my preferred way to consume funimation content and I can at least try to work around it as I have a home theater PC I can use, but I am sure that is not the case for everyone. Plus it seems like people are having some issues on that front as well...

    Being in the IT industry, I fail to understand how this application was allowed to launch in its current form. This app needs to be rolled back immediately.

    I hope this can be resolved in a timely manner or I will be suspending my subscription prior to my next bill date until the issues are resolved. I already lived through one unusable period a few years back where streaming was utterly broken do to buffering issues. At that time I continued to pay for a broken service as I wanted to support the company. I am just not willing to do it a second time as that would be rewarding a pattern of releasing broken services and I dislike paying for people to fix things that should have been done right (or close to right) the first time.

    I get that you aren't the biggest shop and everyone is likely working hard to get fix things, but I just can't believe issues of this degree couldn't have been caught in a beta test program.

    Either way, hope things can get cleared up soon.

  • I agree with what everyone else has posted. The only thing I would add to the suggested improvements is: add a means of sorting the "My Queue" shows.

    P.S. This latest update is a total nightmare.

  • @Sophie

    Just wanted to summarize my impressions so far.

    Home Tab:
    Love having the continue watching option right when I log in! Though one concern from this page is it feels like there's a lot of wasted space north and south of the current video selection. Feels like everything should be moved upward with either having another row of content or expanding the current content to show more details.

    My Queue Tab:
    After entering the My Queue tab and full expanding it I enjoy now having greater visibility of my show list at a glance. However, because this screen contains another Recently Watched section, it collapses my queue to only 5 selections initially. Having another Recently Watched section here feels redundant... When I go to the My Queue tab I would prefer just to see just my queue, and not have to perform a second step to get it showing.

    Shows Tab:
    I like that there is a sorting option here now, though I do wish that it didn't drop my sort criteria whenever I switch to a new category. Also, sad to see that the Harem category was dropped.

    Simuldubs Tab:
    Not currently pulling up for me, but from what I recall yesterday the only omission I missed seeing was the indicator of how many days have passed since upload.

    Video Features:
    Couple features I really like:
    -Having the season filter.
    -The "More like this" option is faster to get to.
    -Having a more flexible fast forwarding/rewinding option is appreciated, especially when backtracking to something missed.
    -Lastly I like that new video starts right at the end of the current playing video, rather than going to back to the queue and then doing a count down like it use to.

    Couple features I'd like to see improved:
    -When selecting to watch a video, it would be preferable if the next selection screen highlighted "Play" first rather than the audio options so we don't have to navigate down to play each time.
    -It would be nice if we could still have the 30 second skip option, for quickly moving past opening songs. The rewind feature is a little slower at this task and more clumsy.
    -At the end of the video, the countdown till next video is set pretty high... It feels like this should only need to be 10 seconds... I think I saw near a minute today.

    Lastly Anime: I love it! Thank you for bringing it to me! :)

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