FunimationNow is up.... Now! (Feedback & Questions welcome!!)

  • Welcome to our brand new FunimationNow website and our brand new Funimation Forum. Please post any questions or feedback you have about the new site, and I'll respond just like in the previous thread.

    Just a note, we don't have a Subscriber forum right now, but it's not gone. It's just disabled. As soon as we get it working, it will go back up.

    Please do not report any bugs or account issues in the forum. Please continue to report those to in a ticket.

    Please post PlayStation feedback in this thread:

    (I may not get back to y'all until Wednesday since we're staying at the office all night Monday night for the site launch as you can tell from the timestamp.)

  • Is there no longer an option to filter out shows that don't have dubs? or am I just missing it? If it is gone why was it removed?

  • new site is garbage

    that's all

  • when you go to the blog link, it logs you out of the site, and cant log back in as it reloads to the blog, it boots you back to the log in screen.. you have to leave the blog page completely to log back in..

  • @GolfDude Yes I am also having this issue

  • @Neco If you don't like the site why not offer constructive feedback? They can do nothing to improve with a statement like that....

  • Pretty great new site! I actually like it!

  • exploring a bit and the only issue I've noticed so far is what Golfdude said earlier

  • @KillerWolf357 It's a bug. Language filter will be added back in eventually.

    @Getchman @GolfDude @KillerWolf357 Blog SSO is being worked on.

    @Neco If you can be a bit more specific, I'd be happy to address your concerns.

  • Gonna toss in my 2 cents here.,,

    I'm really not a fan of the new site. It feels very clunky and far too plain. Also something is up with the site recognizing that I'm even logged in when I try to give my feedback on the PlayStation App (PS, it's awful. But I'll put my full thoughts there when I can actually reply there~). Before, the site had life and was pleasing to the eye. All this plain white and purple is flat out boring. It also feels like navigating is harder to do than before. Honestly? I didn't think there needed to be a change. Yes, you partnered with CrunchyRoll, but a drastic change to your site and apps weren't really needed.

  • At first I thought all of my ratings for shows were gone, but now it just appears you don't show a rating as red after a user has left one. Right now that means there is no way to see if you left a rating or not. Can this be brought back?

    Also, NONE of my favorited shows moved over to the new following list. I'm assuming that was the replacement, since there is no longer a link for "Favorites" on the site.

  • Okay so trying to view the blog on the website automatically logged me in and out like, 3 different times and it wouldn't even let me scroll down and look at any blog posts. That seems like something that should be fixed.

  • @Sophie I would really like to see a return of how the queue used to work before the new website. As it is now, there is no way for me to see what episodes I have watched, and I absolutely need that old show all episodes button to continue paying for a subscription. The new website and the removal of subbed content is bad enough, but I cannot get past this change.

  • By the way, just going off of trying to watch the videos on the site for the first time, just like to bring up that for some reason when I am on full screen, the UI does not disappear after inactivity. I watched a full opening for like two minutes where the options just stayed put and didn't disappear after inactivity so I could watch it full screen with no UI interruptions unless I wanted it.

    P.S. While I know this is more of a suggestion than anything, do you think it's possible that in future updates/features to the Funimation Forum we can see the return of the polls for future posts?

  • ok first impressions are not good right now. My queue is all borked up. (Mainly stuff I had taken out was back on, some current episodes for the shows I was watching were wrong) The new video player is loading way too much during watching. etc.

    By the way Season 2 of Tales of Zestria the X isn't showing up, S1 is up but S2 is MIA.

  • Not a fan of the site either. It's too... white. at least in the forum. Seems empty. Also I'm having a hard time navigating the site. Still haven't found my queue and nothing seems very user-friendly or user intuitive. That's probably just my opinion but it's not something I particularly enjoy. Last site's layout worked better for me. This change is not really making me want to renew my subscription especially with the Roku app being utter trash that crashes my Roku after a couple minutes use.

  • @Series5Ranger I noticed that as well, but then I noticed if I chose to switch the language options to include Japanese that season 2 would appear. Why it is not on by default and why it is not clearly indicated which video is in English and which is in Japanese I don't know.

    In the more general sense, that would pretty much cover my annoyance with this site. It seems to have gone with a minimize info sort of philosophy which frankly makes me want to instantly revoke my subscription. I'm currently holding out hope for a functional Roku app more so I can more inclusive at my weekly club in the types of anime we show, namely dubbed material as well as the vast library of subbed content that CR offers in a functional app.

    This site feels awful. Nothing feels very intuitive, information that was readily available to discern by glancing at the page has been removed, and frankly the super white aesthetic is unappealing. I imagine I will learn to use this new monster, assuming that I have reason to renew my subscription at the end of this cycle, though that is mostly dependent on a functional Roku app more than whatever they do to screw up their website.

  • @Niklor Thanks Man, You know I hadn't thought of that, since on the old website both were up automatically.

  • By the way, could you all re implement the show search feature on the queue page? If I know what show I'm looking for, I'd like to dial it up and add it to my queue without jumping through the major hoops we have to now. Thanks.

  • Some things,

    First about reporting bugs. The Contact Us page has a limit of 300 characters, that is a VERY low amount especially if you want to be detailed for the developers sake, we like detail. ;)

    Second. Like the site overall. Only non-bug but suggestion I have so far is for the What's New -> New Releases page. I miss being able to see at-a-glance if the new episode listed there was a sub or a dub by the link below the episode image. It may be a moot point in the future if you truly never have subs anymore but for now it's something I don't like. Maybe a little banner in the corner of the episode image saying "Dub" or "Simulcast" or something would give back the functionality I liked.

    Edit: Also would like to be able to click anywhere on the video to start/pause video playback instead of having to click on the play/pause button itself. Not a big deal though.

  • I currently have an alert on my account but I get an internal service error. I'd also like to be able to filter so i have a little envelope with 10 unread messages. I'd rather not be alerted personally to every thread update, just the ones I've commented on or if someone quotes me.

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