Twin Star Exorcists

  • Here is a brief summary I "borrowed" ヾ(^ω^)ノ

    "Grotesque monsters known as Impurities reside in Magano, a realm parallel to the present day. Exorcists purify these evil apparitions to protect the people. Rokuro Enmado is opposed to becoming an exorcist, even though he has the talent to be one, but an oracle gives him the title of "Twin Star Exorcist," the name bestowed upon married exorcists. Benio Adashino, the girl who receives the title along with Rokuro, is determined to exorcise all the Kegare, or Impurities, in the world. The two find themselves wrapped up in more and more battles together as the Twin Star Exorcists…"

    It's already on episode 18... only if Funimation had it on here... Tired of watching ads just to enjoy this anime with their poor quality video players -_-

    Funimation is Love Funimation is Life ~Don't take this the wrong way from that one video on YouTube. Funimation is an amazing American Anime Licensee.

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