It's Time To Fly… The Friendly Skies


    Well, as of tomorrow morning, ye shall be off (finally) to the Land of the Rising Sun. Assumingly so, I will be IP locked trying to access this site, so this be the last ya hear from me…

    So sad... these forums are gonna be "a ghost town" without me like spamming ~30% of the post. What will the Spaceman do, if not to delete all me stuff? Who will TIL_Nobu retort with classy one-liners? What will FUNI DUBBLETALK team do without my "passive-aggressive" statements? So many questions...:)

    I "shall return" (or not) sometime mid-September... But no matter, as indeed I "have bigger fish to fry in the sea". For now, I shall leave ye thus, as it is time to go...

  • Have fun dude!! Good luck with all your endeavors. By the time you come back, the new website will be up and running! You'll be just in time for the Fall simulcast season!

  • Hope you have a great time there and that you come back to the forum to tell us about it once you're back to america. I also hope for this forum not to die out from the absence of wall of texts and incomprehensible memes.

  • I could handle a wall of text if it has some good info about Japan. You should be getting back about two weeks before I go, so I look forward to whatever information you bring back with you. Feel free to post as many of those walls as you like if it's something cool.

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