Into the fray


    Ahem. Hello tis I the final member of the Dubtalk 3 to join the fourm, Megan. Aka Queenira aka she who swears like sailor.

    Despite how much you see me at dubbletalk and the lack of my all access badge well thats cause I'm switching over to my personal account from an account I used to help screen for an anime club with. So Now I can be more free with me words.

    A little about me is that while I work a 40 hour a week job I'm also a huge anime fan and anime reviewer. I work with Anime America, Dubtalk and Infinite Rainy Day. If you live in the sunshine state you can catch me around most central Florida cons as that girl everyone seems to know. I enjoy everything from Tokyo Ghoul to Cardcaptors. I'm also flithy seiyuu trash (Ono Kensho and Natsuki Hanae are my favorites) as much as I am dub trash. I also enjoy watching hockey, going to theme parks and playing with the cutest grumpy dog.

    So Hi everyone. And if you need me follow the tiger mom.

  • Hi Megan! :D Welcome to the forums! ^_^

  • Hey Lil' Sis. Glad to see you on the forums. ~_^

  • Welcome to the forums Queenira^^

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