Not safe for work missing.-Sekirei

  • Why is Not safe for work on funimation. It was on Netflix and thought it would be on Funimation site. It was a good ending to the show. but it is now gone.

  • I'm sorry but, what are you talking about?

    Both seasons of Sekirei are up in full here at Funimation's site. You can watch them all right here:

  • i have watched it on funimation but it is missing one show. called Not safe for work. When the show was on Netflix they had one where all the girls went to the beach and had the day for measuring there bodys for MBI. BUt it is not on funimation…

  • I remember the episode that you're talking about. The actual name is "Two-Topic Gossip" and is technically a bonus OVA for season two.

    Tell me, were you streaming the series on Netflix? Or did you rent the actual discs from there?

    If it's the latter, then it might be due to licensing restrictions. Certain OVA episodes are only available on the discs themselves. That might be why they aren't available for streaming on

  • Well I own all the disks and it is there. just got done watching it here on Funimation. I streamed it. when it was on Netflix about 2 years ago they had Two-Topic Gossip there. But Funimation does not have it…

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