30 Day Anime Challenge - August

  • Day 5: Best Original Series (Non-Adapted)

    Honorable mentions:
    -Space Patrol Luluco


    Best Original Series goes to….
    Death Parade

    Day 6: Best OVA / ONA
    Haven't seen a lot of OVA's. :(

    Day 7: Best Older Series (Pre-2000)
    Cowboy Bebop!!!!

    Ein is best dog :3

    Day 8: Best Comedy Moment
    For me, this scene in Tanaka-kun is Always Listless = Hilarious!! xD


  • Day 9. Favorite Action Scene

    This one is a little tough for me since action scenes don't tend to stick with me. They are cool when I am watching, but just not what my main focus is when I am watching. However, Summer Wars does have a scene that sticks out for me. That is the final battle between Natsuki and Love Machine. This clip is really only the start, but does make me want more.


  • Day 9: Favorite Action Scene

    Homura's and Mami's gun battle in Rebellion. It's like magical girls meets The Matrix!


  • Day 9: Favorite Action Scene
    In fact it's a total of 3 scenes, but anyway: The dog race and the carnival corpse events from Deadman Wonderland.

  • Day 9: Favorite Action Scene
    Being a MAJOR action show fan, I have a number of them. I can't really narrow it down to one so I will have to narrow it down to a few.





    However, I think my top is going to have to go to the final fight in Sword of the Stranger


  • Day 10. Most Well Animated / Directed / Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)

    An honorable mention goes to Death Parade. The scene with Chiyuki skating had me a awe when I first saw it. A 4+ minute piece of music, accompanying a scene with no dialogue is a rarity in anime (that's a good 1/5 of an episode devoted to 1 scene), but it also conveys so much emotion and back story.

    It is a bit of a spoiler if you haven't finished Death Parade though.

    As much as I try to pick something else, I just keep coming back to Wolf Children. It is one of the prettiest movies I have seen, and a few scenes really stand out. One in particular (which I can't find a clip for), is the lateral tracking shot that shows Yuki and Ame growing up in the setting of school. The scene where Hana find Ookami's body and her umbrella drops, my heart drops with it . The execution for this scene is wonderful. It's so beautifully done and conveys so much with with little. The scene where they all experience snow is simply gorgeous as well.


  • Day 10: Best Animated Scene

    My vote goes to Mugen's origin story - his life flashing before his eyes. Just one of many reasons why I believe Samurai Champloo is Shinichiro Watanabe's masterpiece, and not Cowboy Bebop.


  • Day 10: Most Well Animated / Directed / Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)
    I'll go with an anime that impressed me with its animation as a whole: Attack on Titan.
    Especially the scenes where the 3D maneuver gear system was used, that was epic.

  • [EDIT]: Day 9: Favorite Action Scene
    Studio Bones has a lot of really good action scenes from their work. I'll go with Noragami.

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIoR3lkqk1A

  • Day 10: Most Well Animated/Directed/Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)
    For the prettiest scene category, I have to go with Snow White with the Red Hair. This anime is one of my favorite romance anime from last summer. This anime has a lot of pretty scenes.


  • Day 9: Best Action Scene

    I was gonna pick a scene from Kill la Kill, but as I thought about it I couldn't really think of a scene that stuck out above the others

    I'll go with the ending scene from the first episode of Space Dandy. I didn't much care for the show overall, but the visuals in that first episode were phenomenal. Wir werden Deutsche sehen!

    Space Dandy

    Day 10: Most Well Animated/Directed/Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)

    There's a phenomenal scene in Sankarea episode 1 that I unfortunately can't find video of, but it's such a carefully crafted and beautiful series of framing, color schemes, body language, and lighting that provides a great look into the feel and direction of the series as a whole

  • DAY 8: Best Comedy Moment

    Basically any scene that has Vash the Stampede in it. Lol


    DAY 9: Best Action Scene

    This one was hard for me, and I ended up coming up with two different scenes.

    The first one is from Noragami, and features Yato.

    ! https://youtu.be/9WEKD0Il0Ns

    The other one is from The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

    ! https://youtu.be/UoXIjE6EfI0

  • 10. Most Well Animated / Directed / Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)

    There are so many scenes I would love to pick for this category, so many that I could just watch over and over and over again, they're just so well done and so beautiful. I am someone who truly appreciates animation and how wonderful it can be, I do love my pretty series. Many shows in recent years have done a glorious job adapting scenes, but there is one scene in particular that I have seen in a few different ways and one has always stuck out to me.


    There is just something about the way this scene is done. Not just the emotion in the voices of the characters, but in their expressions, their body language, it's all incredibly detailed and well done. And then there is the soundtrack and the animation itself. Such an incredible amount of work went in to the scene. It has aged incredibly well for being from an older series, it rivals many shows even from today.

    The way the fireflies go across the scene just completes it. This scene has always stuck out to me as being near perfection.

    However, for perfect, it has to go to this scene from Death Parade. (Beware of spoilers)


    No dialogue, yet you know everything that you need to know. This scene is perfection in my mind.

  • Day 11: Best Children Show

    I gotta go with everyone's favorite robot cat from the future: Doraemon.

  • Day 11. Best Children Show

    I really don't watch children's shows, so not much to go on here. Even when I was younger, I didn't watch much anime shows, mostly some Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Monster Rancher, and Hamtaro were mostly the ones I did watch. I am not sure I would call any of these the 'best' show though.

    The shows I have watching recently with a G rating are Dennou Coil and Gauken Alice. Both are good, but I did like Dennou Coil more, so I guess that will be my pick here.

  • DAY 10: Most Well Animated / Directed / Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)

    This one comes from a recent anime. The scene in particular is from episode 3 of The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance.

    ! After Prince Arslan is told by his recently escaped father, King Andragoras III, that he has to leave and not come back until he has amassed an army of over 50,000 men, all hope seems lost for Arslan. This was essentially a banishment for Arslan, and the King ordered that none of his comrades be allowed to join him in his journey. Leaving the city and walking alone, Arslan began to despair that he could not do this by himself. But in the distance, riding in on horses, is none other than all of Arslan's friends, having fought their way out of the city to join Arslan. They gather before Arslan as Daryun explains that they will face any consequences the King has to offer, but they will not abandon Prince Arslan. Together with his friends, he finds new strength to keep going. Prince Arslan is moved to tears by his friends' touching acts of loyalty, and resolves himself to move forwards toward his goals. The scene was quite beautiful.

    The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance is definitely one of my favorite shows this season.

    DAY 11: Best Children Show

    It has been a long time since I have seen any kid's anime, but one that I really liked growing up, even though I probably didn't know what anime was at the time, is Hamtaro. It was about a hamster named Hamtaro who gets into all sorts of misadventures with his friends. Lol I seem to remember liking it back then at least.


  • Day 11: Best Children Show

    I don't watch a lot of children shows. The first one(s) that come to mind that are kid-friendly would be:

    Bananya- A cute animated short series that's about cute cats living in bananas. It's currently airing this summer anime season on Crunchyroll.

    Yokai Watch- Based off the popular Nintendo 3DS video game. It's a very silly show. Johnny Young Bosch is the main lead in this one :P


  • Day 11: Best Children Show

    I haven't watched too many of these, but there is one that I look on very fondly, as I watched it obsessively as a kid, as many children my age in that time period did. It made me laugh, cry, collect cards and made me wish more then anything that I could live in a world where tamed magical monsters and traveled the world with them.


    This show is one that I still watch even today. Not so much the new series, especially since they revamped Ash's look and changed things, it just looks super weird to me, but I have not missed a single game since Pokemon Yellow and still find a lot of happiness in occasionally waching some episodes of the original series. There are a couple episodes, such as The Stray Pokemon, Bye Bye Butterfree, Charizard Chills and a few others that still manage to deliver the feels, not as strong as it did back when I first watched it but still does.

    I can still remmeber watching Bye Bye Butterfree right before the bus pulling up and bawling all the way to school because Butterfree was a favorite of mine and, well, he went bye bye. It was an incredibly emotional moment for young me.

    I still watch all the films as they are released and occasionally tune in to the new series, although I don't find them to be nearly as good as the old shows, but they're still decent entertainment for kids which is their purpose.

    I do want to give a special shout out to the mini series that was released a few years ago, Pokemon Origins. It's still considered for children but it took a far more serious look at Pokemon and really adapted some of my favorite parts from the video game very well. It had incredible animation and really, I think it's good for just about anyone to watch.

    Plus, Red is a lot cooler then Ash

  • Day 12: Character You Felt Was Underused

    Angel Beats! definitely comes to mind when I think about underused characters, but I'll go a different route and say Ai from Aria.

  • Day 12. Character You Felt Was Underused

    I know I have found these characters as I watch, but I can barely think of any now. There are a couple that come to mind, mostly becasue I did like them when they were around, but they didn't get the screen time and story they really deserved.

    The first being Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Sheska is cool, smart, has a great memory, and is only featured in a few episodes. I do wish she had more to do, or at least became part of the main back ground people. But no, just kinda gone.

    The other is Kagari from Psycho Pass.

    I knew it was bad when I decided I liked him. He is a pretty main-ish character, gets a tragic back story, and is pretty cool all around. Sadly, he simply becomes a plot point and no one really cares. That's what I get for admitting I like a character. He could have been so cool, but no.

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