30 Day Anime Challenge - August

  • The challenge that ClassySpartan posted has come to an end, but both korraili and I had far too much fun doing our nightly posts, and since we're going to miss it so much we decided it would be fun to start a new one with all new categories!

    The guidelines are the same as the last one, starting August 1 try and do a post with the theme of the day, and see if you can do it for the 30 days. Feel free to elaborate and gush about the shows as much as you like, I know I certainly gained a few more anime to watch based off the answers of the last challenge because of those posts!

    If this is successful, Korr and I may be making this a monthly thing, for as long as we can think of categories!

    Now, without further ado, here are our categories!

    **1. Biggest WTF Moment

    1. Best Airing Series
    2. Favorite Manga Series
    3. Best Manga Adaptation
    4. Best Original Series (Non-Adapted)
    5. Best OVA / ONA
    6. Best Older Series (Pre-2000)
    7. Best Comedy Moment
    8. Favorite Action Scene
    9. Most Well Animated / Directed / Prettiest Scene (Non-Action)
    10. Best Children Show
    11. Character You Felt Was Underused
    12. Best Plot Twist
    13. Cutest Character
    14. Best Gateway Series
    15. Favorite Non-Human Character
    16. Show That Is So Bad It"s Good
    17. Favorite Insert Song/Music
    18. Exception To The Rule (ie. A show you really like in a genre you don"t usually like)
    19. Favorite Show In Your Age Demographic
    20. Most Anticipated Series Yet To Air
    21. Best Sequel / Second Season
    22. Biggest Disappointment
    23. Anime That You Didn"t Think Would Be Good, But Was
    24. Favorite Quote
    25. Anime That Is Better The Second Time Around
    26. Best Live Action Based On An Anime
    27. Series That Would Make The Best Crossover
    28. Show That Effected You More Then You Thought It Would / Surprise Feels
    29. Non-Japanese Book That You Would Like To See Become An Anime**

    We look forward to everyone's answers!

  • I am super excited to be part of them. Hope we get some good posts from people and I get some insight on anime I haven't looked into before.

    Fuzzy Yokai is best Yokai

  • Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    Ahh, what a way to start the challenge.

    For this one I am going with one scene that still makes me go WTF when I see it. Code Geass has a lot of "out there" scenes and ideas, but a certain scene involving Nina and a table takes the cake for me.

    Pretty sure it qualifies as NSFW but anyone who has seen the show will know the one I am talking about. I get the idea, that Nina really idolizes Euphemia and that goes to other emotions, but I had no idea it was coming and I was so blindsided for a moment I just sat there wondering if someone had taken a scene from another show and spliced it in. But nope, it was legit, somehow.

  • Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    This is going to be my first real WTF moment. I was totally flabbergasted by this one and did not see it coming.
    It is the

    ! I STOLE YOUR FACE part of Fullmetal Alchemsit: Sacred Star if Milos

    This revelation came out of left field for me, and left me totally confused. It was fairly early in my anime watching, so I wasn't used to these kind of things happening. Trying to figure out just how someone could do that was enough to confuse me for a while. I mean, sure it's alchemy, but HOW exactly did that happen? Totally blew my mind. I am still not sure how it all worked.

  • @emdier:

    Pretty sure it qualifies as NSFW but anyone who has seen the show will know the one I am talking about.

    No I don't… at all.

    My biggest WTF moment was in Accel World in one of the last episodes when Lime Bell used Citron Call on Dusk Taker. I wanted to scream at my PC (where I was watching it) asking WHY WOULD YOU F***ING HEAL HIM!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! How Lime Bell knew her ability was a time manipulation ability is beyond me, let alone how she would be able to turn back the time so far.

    I applaud Reki Kawahara for Accel World, he did such a good job getting me to hate Nomi and nearly had me shout an actual WTF during that particular scene.

    And I want to punch him for Sword Art Online so..... yea.

  • I appreciate the idea that you made another thread to continue the fun. And I appreciate that.

    And what the hell, I'll see if I can contribute to this too (might miss a couple days during Otakon week but I'll make those up if need be).

    DAY 1 - Biggest WTF Moment

    Amagami SS

    This show is already kind of hilariously crazy and weird in a number of different ways, and there's quite the plethora of WTF scenes to choose from the more I think on it, but there's one in my mind that stands out more than any of them because it is not just weird or crazy, it makes no logical god damn sense at all the way it is presented and executed and it's left more absolutely shaken and boggled down to my core and I still remember how I was laughing hysterically at this absurd scene.

    So this is a Visual Novel based show that chose, instead of doing a bunch of paths and combining them all into one, let's take every path and split them up 4 episodes apiece for each girl. It's fairly typical slice of life stuff all things considered. Supernatural elements had never actually been anywhere near this show at all, being fairly straightforward in terms of being a show happening in a real world scenario. Hell considering the original VN came out in 2001 there's almost no really eccentirc anime hair colors at all, so it looks in a way it could be a semi-realistic slice of life in that regard.

    So on one of those paths, the main dude Junichi goes on a date with Ai Nanasaki to a theme park, and I believe they walk into a haunted house of sorts. And then….this happens. I......honest to god cannot dare explain what happens. It can only be seen to be believed.

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvRBtdROnfY

    Mind you, LITERALLY NOTHING SUPERNATURAL or NOTHING HAD EVER BEEN LEADING UP TO THIS PRIOR TO THIS MOMENT. And then….this happened. It wasn't even like a dream sequence either. I think this happened, and they acknowledged that they had fun at the amusement park, and then romantic stuff continued to go on and I was in AWE that the episode just....kept going after.......THAT JUST HAPPENED

  • DAY 1 - Biggest WTF Moment
    The umbrella scene from Another is my biggest WTF moment.

  • Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    Lucy murders all of her classmates in Elfen Lied.

  • Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    So I've had a few. Some good, some bad. This isn't a scene, just a WTF moment for me. One really bad one comes to mind right now. It's the anime with these dudes who are penguins (sort of), and this girl who goes to them and polishes their nobs. I can't even remember what it's called. I only watched like three or four episodes, but I had to stop and ask myself, WTF anime am I watching. Followed by promptly removing it from my queue. lol

    Talk about Fan service run amok!

  • @Haildodger:

    Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    So I've had a few. Some good, some bad. This isn't a scene, just a WTF moment for me. One really bad one comes to mind right now. It's the anime with these dudes who are penguins (sort of), and this girl who goes to them and polishes their nobs. I can't even remember what it's called. I only watched like three or four episodes, but I had to stop and ask myself, WTF anime am I watching. Followed by promptly removing it from my queue. lol

    Talk about Fan service run amok!

    Is this the one you are looking for? http://www.funimation.com/shows/daimidaler/home

  • I think I'll try ti join this one.

    Big WTF moment: After I watched the end of Excel Saga. That was weird. I had never watched a show that purposefully tried to get itself banned from airing. Also, most of the series was WTF but the end was just a little bit extreme. I'm looking at you "13" year-old with a g-cup.

    In all seriousness I'd have to go with Robotech. Now, this might had made more sense in the original Macross version of the show but in Robotech it was really weird. The specific scene I'm talking about is the one when the old Fauker dies. (I think that was his name.) He had just returned from a (successful) mission. You later see him in his room when a bridge officer goes to visit him. While she's visiting him he just dies. Apparently, he has been wounded in the fight but he didn't decide to get medical help. Also, something else I found weird was it was revealed when the officer went to visit him that they were in a relationship. I believe they were even engaged. Now, this was a very random thing to find out on around episode 18. It also felt weird. I'm not sure if something changed when they edited it (I had heard Robotech changed some things) but at the time it came out the pilot was white (maybe Asian but he looked very American to me) and the officer was black. It almost felt like they just added the relationship in at the last moment (A biracial relationship! We're progressive!) or they had edited out the relationship up to that point (You don't marry animals!) and somehow couldn't edit that part out.

    Also, the biggest WTF moment for me was the random nude pinup poster in the background.


    That to me was the biggest WTF moment. It just felt so random and disjointed.

    Also, I feel like day 2 will be hard since I normally wait for the dubs to start watching (especially when it is announced early that it is getting one) so I don't really have anything. Well, there is one show but I technically shouldn't be able to watch it.

    edit I also forgot the mention that it came out in the 80s hence the debate about why it was there.

  • DAY 1 - Biggest WTF Moment

    Easily one the best WTF moments in anime comes from Attack on Titan episode 21, Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5.

    ! This was the moment in the show when Eren was forced to choose between trusting his comrades, or trusting himself. In the end, he chose to place his faith in his friend's strength and experience, leaving them to deal with the female titan. What happens next is a tragic lesson that Eren had to learn the hard way. One of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever seen in anime, it reminded me that in Attack on Titan, nobody is safe (except for Eren maybe :P).
    ! https://youtu.be/O7ylu8pp2sk

  • @7jaws7:

    Day 1: Biggest WTF Moment

    Lucy murders all of her classmates in Elfen Lied.

    The first anime I watched that wasn't something like Pokemon or DBZ, the whole serie was quite a WTF moment for me, still one of my favorite anime though.

  • @darthrutsula:

    Is this the one you are looking for? http://www.funimation.com/shows/daimidaler/home

    lol.. yep that's the one.


  • DAY 1 - Biggest WTF Moment

    (NSFW, probably)


    The voice acting is so incredible that you don't even notice the six fingers at 59 seconds

  • Day 1 Biggest WTF moment
    Im going Ghost Stories It has so many WTF moments to pick

  • @mike:

    Day 1 Biggest WTF moment
    Im going Ghost Stories It has so many WTF moments to pick

    That was hilarious. O.o

  • Day 2: Best Airing Series

    This one is a bit hard for me as there are so many airing shows right now that I really like. Days, Orange, Amaama to Inazuma, 91 Days, Alderamin on the Sky and The Morose Mononokean are all really good shows that deserve a mention, but there is one show that is airing right now that I really feels stands above all the rest.

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    This is one that I gave a pass to for a few episode and then the hype around it got me curious enough to give it a go. I didn't originally because the concept art looked so generic harem and that just wasn't looking for that in a show at the time, which is funny enough the same mistake I made with Steins ; Gate, a show that is extremely similar to this one.

    The story centers around Subaru, a boy who is mysteriously transported to a magical world and our story begins there. Through the time he spends in this place he meets a number of girls and he learns about their circumstances and stories.

    Sounds extremely run of the mill and generic, right? Well, this is one case where a book certainly should not be judged by its cover.

    Subaru, as a character, is actually rather charming and you want to root for him, especially with all the terrible things that happen to him through the show. I quite like Emilia and her little familiar Puck as well, they're and interesting pair of characters and I would love to learn more about them. As the show goes on we're introduced to a pair of sisters, Rem and Ram, who are also quite fascinating and bring a whole new depth to the show which is surprising considering they seem like generic twin maids.

    It's certainly a show where I feel any kind of information is going to lead to a spoiler but if you like shows like Steins;Gate, Erased and Madoka Magica I feel like this would be the show for you.

    Although I am only on episode 11 I can tell this show is going to wind up being fantastic, as long as it can stick the landing in the end. There are currently 18 episodes out of 25 released. It's one I highly recommend giving a try!

    The opening does a wonderful job setting the tone, so if you're on the fence give that a watch.


  • Best Airing Series

    This one is a little hard for me since pretty much everything I am watching this season is something I like (no time for shows I don't like). I am going to go with the show that got me from the very first minute, and that is Orange

    When it starts off with "Now that I am 26, I have many regrets", I know that it is one that is going to hit me in the feels. A few other events in the first couple episodes hit super close to home, to the point where I was both sad for what happened and angry for what was implied (trying to avoid spoilers and my whole life story here). The 'alerting the time line' aspect gets to me as well, if I could change things, there are a few things I would.

    This show hits me on such a personal level, that I need to watch each new episode. There are other shows airing that I like for the action, or for diabetes-inducing-sweetness, or even to watch the relationships build, but Orange is one that I just need to watch for the personal feels. I already plan on reading the manga when it is finished airing. I may get a binge watch after it's done as well. Some shows just need to be watched all at once, even after being watched weekly.

  • DAY 2: Best Airing Series


    Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy

    Perhaps I am a bit bias here, but I'm a huge sucker for the Danganronpa series in general, including all the crazy insane-o lore stuff, and this series is basically the granddaddy of all lore things. It's both a prequel to events prior to the games, while also being a continuation of the current event of stories with the survivors of the first game. Honestly I've just been having an absolute blast going through all sorts of speculation theories, hypothesizing who done it and all that. It also kind of has the element of not having to rely on being a step-by-step adaptation of a game anymore and just being an anime story, which works in its favor in regards.

    I also think I'll talk about another underappreciated one here.


    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    The fact that this came out same season as Mob Psycho is kinda hilarious as it's also about a guy with psychic powers trying to adapt and fit in, except instead of being a more thematic tale of finding yourself, this is just pure comedy antics and hijinks, and my god I am glad I picked this one up last minute. Jokes are often and pretty strong, but man the ones that hit hit HARD. Colorful cast, really fun and charming show that I am very glad I picked up.

    Anyways, other real favorites of mine have to be sweetness and lightning, Mob Psycho 100, and of course the new Jojo currently airing alongside Season 2 of FOOD WARS!

  • DAY 2: Best Airing Series

    Re:Zero, hands down

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