2016 MEN of MANLINESS - The FINAL BATTLE: Korosensei vs. Rider


    After over a month of grueling competition, close calls, one-sided landslides, and heart-breaking upsets, what started out as 256 has now come down to 2.

    Through countless battles and merciless odds, these two men have torn through all others who dared oppose them, leaving the bodies of the broken and beaten in their wake. They have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they both have what it takes to be a MAN.

    But in the words of the immortal Connor MacLeod…


    Two men will enter the arena. But only one of them can be crowned the "MANLIEST Anime MAN of MANLINESS" for 2016.

    Will it be Korosensei, the Reaper, the Unkillable Teacher, the 9ft. tall yellow squid monster?

    Or will it be Rider, Iskander, the King of Conquerors, 7ft. tall red-headed Alexander the Great?

    Their fate is up to you, dear voters, to decide who will become…

    The MANLIEST Anime MAN of MANLINESS!!!!!

    So without further ado….


    And as always, please remember to post your votes in the forums in case of ties!!

  • My vote will, of course, be going to our favorite Octopus teacher.

    I've noticed a lot of people discrediting poor Korosensei because he doesn't fit the traditional look or personality of being manly. He doesn't fight in huge wars or have bulging muscles. He isn't handsome, or even really human anymore. As some would say, he's "a smiley face with tentacles".

    If anything, Korosensei proves that there is more to characters then what first meets the eye, and how a manly man can come in many shapes and forms.

    Korosensei embodies what it means to be a good teacher. He sacrifices everything for those children, does whatever it takes to help them all as individuals and to give children that have been beaten, bullied and treated so unfairly, who feel they have no real place in life or society, to feel like they have a purpose and he gives them the confidence to see that they are not only worthy of happiness, but gives them the tools to attain it.

    There is so much more to him then what first meets the eye, and despite the roots that he comes from and what led him to become the teacher that he is when he first meets him, he embraces the role whole-heartedly and becomes one of the purest, most caring characters that I can think of. He fully does everything he can possibly do, no matter the expense to himself, to help those kids and keep them safe.

    The level of his devotion shows in how those kids treat him. The love him like most of them love no one else, and Class E in a sense becomes a family. Even someone as timid and withdrawn as Nagisa in the beginning, whose own mother has caused him to become the quiet child that we meet in the beginning, and someone as reckless and lost as Karma who at first cares for nothing and no one but himself can learn skills and things that they could only have dreamed of before.

    The leading-to-climax fight between the two sides of Class E show just how important he is to them, and if taking a group of wayward kids and getting them to become what they do isn't manly then really, what is?

    But don't think that just because he's a caring individual and, in his own words, a comedic character, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a badass side to him. He isn't fully capable of training a group of kids that have never touched a knife in a serious manner before to become top potential assassins for nothing. He proves many times through the series that he is a capable fighter and can be a capable killer if the situation properly calls for it.


    ! Even right before he dies, he is fully concerned with how his student will handle it, and comforting them, not the least bit worried about what will happen to himself
    ! A true teacher to the very end.
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d36pelIaV1I

    Korosensei is truly a contender that is worthy of winning this tournament.

    After all, anyone who doesn't so much as flinch while shooting himself to make a point to his class is truly a man among men.

  • I'm gonna be going with Korosensei

  • Let me just say right here, and right now, I feel like whoever wins this tournament will surely have earned their title and I will not be upset. However, against all odds, I feel that of these two, there's one man I must stand beside, and it is a man who commands respect, admiration, friendship, and champions the title that has been given to him.


    Rider is truly a man among men, a King, a champion, and a master of bravado. He believes in a kid like Waver, a little punk no one would ever believe in and saw a true fire and potential in him that he didn't see in himself. He commands respect, loyalty of his fellow men, and among the other contestants and champions in the Holy Grail War. Even among every single unsavory character who cheated, deceived, used, abused, corrupted, and BRUTALLY MASSACRED (seriously Caster man, what the ever loving shit), Rider and Waver were the only ones in the entire War to fight fairly, squarely, honorably, and to even go out of his way to call a toast among the other kings, to learn and discuss among themselves about what a King really is.

    To him, a King is a leader, a friend, a commander, a loud voice that stands his ground, fights for what is right, fights for his dreams and holds the reigns of battle with a mighty grin and a jolly laugh. And to that, by all accounts, when all is said and done….Rider exemplifies all of that.


    This scene….sums up everything I love about Rider. And while Korosensei is indeed a worthy opponent, I must stand behind my King.

    My vote goes to RIDER

  • "Headless Chicken" from "@$$ [!@$3" will never win, because the Spaceman has already previously declared for Rider. What he says here, goes.

    …which is good, of course. No need for these forums to "repeat the mistakes of yesteryear", as it were...

  • For the final match, my vote is going to Koro-sensei.

  • Still voting for Korosensei!

  • Gotta vote for Rider.

  • It has been a long time since a character has truly made an emotional impact the way that Korosensei has this last year. The way he imparted such valuable lessons to the whole class, allowing them to see their own potential, was just inspiring. Taking the class that everyone looked down on and showing them that they had the power to direct their own futures. Korosensei, in so many ways, changed these kids lives. Korosensei may be goofy on the outside, but deep down he is a good man, whose dedication and compassion know no bounds. Korosensei always tries to help his students reach their goals, teaching them valuable lessons along the way. I truly see his actions as more manly than fighting any war. Korosensei wants to see his student's hopes and dreams become tangible realities, and will do anything to help make that happen. Korosensei is truly a one of kind character. Let's go tentacles! Korosensei!

    Also, let us not forget that he can move at mach 20! Now that's fast! Haha

    And regular bullets can't hurt him. So, he is also pretty tough too. Lol So, yeah, I am throwing it all in on Korosensei as the manliest man in anime, because he is not only incredibly strong, and almost immune to damage, but he is also an incredible teacher and mentor, guiding his students through their tumultuous lives. Far more deep and thoughtful than at first he appears, Korosensei is always thinking about his students and their futures, and always strives to give them the best in life. Korosensei is a truly honorable man, and deserves this title wholly.

  • I am without a doubt going with Koro Sensei. There have been some tough calls, but not this time.

    Based on looks alone, Koro Sensei doens't look manly. Heck, he doens't even look human. He is an octopus monster, full of tentacles, and a big round yellow face. Even his personality isn't that manly when you first see him, or on the surface in general. He is a bit crude, perverted, and the self-described 'comic relief character'. Looks and first impressions do not do him justice. Even the shows premise doesn't work in his favour, a class of students set out of kill their teacher, well that teacher is probably not the best character around. Koro-Sensei doens't have much going for him, but you have to look past all this and get to know the man behind the tentacles.

    This is manly?

    Koro Sense's manliness does not come from his looks, or even how he chooses to present himself, it some rather from his choices and how he is as a teacher and mentor. He cares so much for his students, he would do anything for them. They are tasked with killing him, but he is tasked with educating them. He takes his job very seriously. He never wants his students to come to harm (especially from others assassination attempts), but also wants them to become strong and grow. He can travel at mach 20, but uses this to write tests that target each students strengths and weaknesses, taking students on field trips, and finding ways to further their educations. His after images are used to teach students individually all at once.

    Mach 20 paper grading

    Talking about how manly Koro Sensei is can't be done without talking about his past. Koro Sensei was an assassin (ok, not so manly there), but things changed when he took on an apprentice. He made a few mistakes in his teaching, which lead to some unfortunate circumstances. This made him regret some of his teaching methods, so he wanted to do better with his second chance. Meeting a teacher and forming a relationship with her caused him to want to be better. He becomes who he is based on this relationship. Everything Koro Sensei becomes is so he can teach a class of kids who are not as smart as others, who get into fights, and who are otherwise rejected by their peers, he wants to give them hope and help them excel in life. I would say without a doubt that he is successful. Taking a class from the bottom to the top is no small feat, and he does far from that just teaching academics.

    A character does not need muscles to be manly. When a character can sacrifice everything, and totally change himself, to benefit others, he is manly in my books. Koro Sensei gives his everything to these kids and changes them as much as he changes himself. He becomes more human by becomes an octopus monster. He may seem goofy and weird, but I would have loved him as a teacher.

  • Voting Koro sensei

  • I can't say that I'm going to be upset regardless of the outcome of this tournament. Both have very good qualities which would make them great. They both lead by inspiring those around them, but Korosensei really exemplifies this. I have a line I've used for training over the course of the last 25 years which really does apply here. "A good man has the ability to excel, but a great man has the ability to bring everyone around him up to his level and excel as a team." Korosensei does exactly that. He takes a group which really can't even fit into their own lives, and shows them how to function both individually and as a group to accomplish their goals. If for no other reason than that small cliche moral, I have to say Korosensei is more deserving of this title.

  • @classyspartan:

    To him, a King is a leader, a friend, a commander, a loud voice that stands his ground, fights for what is right, fights for his dreams and holds the reigns of battle with a mighty grin and a jolly laugh. And to that, by all accounts, when all is said and done….Rider exemplifies all of that.

    Let's also add that he also believes a king should be loved by his subjects and want to follow him. Not be a tyrannical despot like Gilgamesh or rule via elite like King Arturia. Gilgamesh believed in the right to rule, Arturia ruled for her subjects, but Alexander ruled his subjects. Arturia's kingdom ended with her death, because she wasn't a leader. She was a follower to her own idealism known as chivalry. Gilgamesh is an asshole and people probably celebrated his death. But Alexander's empire, while it did go in decline, still existed long after his death. He united three continents under one rule, something that even in real world history hasn't really been done again ever. He was a just ruler allowing his citizens to continue believing in whatever religion they had rather than force the state religion.

    And because I don't know who Koro is.

    That is why Iskander gets muh vote.

  • Vote to Korosensei - Assassination Classroom.

  • Voting for Rider.

  • Either way, we'll have decided the best man won.

    Voted Rider.

  • Double votes for Rider

  • My vote goes to Rider because no other man can match his fighting spirit as well as his manliness.

  • My vote goes to Rider.


    Double votes for Rider

    You voted Korosensei in the poll :hmm:

    Also, who is dacommoncold?

  • @7jaws7:

    Also, who is dacommoncold?

    Not sure, but I looked into it. And seeing as they have an All-Access Pass, I doubt they're an alternate account, so their vote is legit.

  • Don't forget the rules people…


    Also remember, you can only hit the vote button ONCE. Changing your vote is absolutely out of the question, and seeing as how posted votes only count towards tie-breakers, you need to think long and hard about who you want to vote for. Part of being a real MAN is making difficult decisions and living with the consequences, so THINK BEFORE YOU PUSH THAT BUTTON. Your vote may just be the deciding factor of whether your candidate wins or loses.

    Also, lets keep it clean. Underhanded play has no place in 3rd Annual MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Tournament! Manly men win, or lose, fairly. ~_^

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