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  • RE: 'FunimationNow' app for Android TV OS needed

    @dannomite Sometimes, we get pizza. :D 🍕🍕

    @Rigo86 The app should be available soon. There are some bugs that need to be fixed first.

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  • RE: Rotate screen in landscape mode on iOS

    @sirbiscuit Thank you!!

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  • RE: Downloading to your phone for later

    The answer to "when" is not available yet. We're still in early stages. However, I can tell you a bit of what is in store.

    • The feature will only be available to Premium subscribers.
    • The feature will only be available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps.
    • Your downloaded videos will be saved in a new section of the app called "My Downloads".
    • You will only be able to download one video at a time, but you will be able to queue up as many as you want to be downloaded one after the other. The app will tell you the status and progress of each download.
    • As long as you have room on your device, you will be able to store up to 13 videos. This will be counted at the video title level, which means that 1 downloaded video will include all languages and versions.
    • If you have the mature restriction setting set to "On", then you will not be able to download any mature-rated videos. The mature restriction setting will not affect being able to watch any videos that have already been downloaded.
    • Your watch history will be saved locally for the video you watch offline. As soon you go online and launch the app, your online watch history will be updated with what you watched while you were offline.
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  • RE: Steins;Gate on FunimationNow app

    @Knightwalker139 Hmm yes, that is strange.

    I have confirmed that it is appearing in the list of shows in the mobile app. It also comes up when I search for "Steins", "Steins;", "Steinsgate", "Steins Gate", and "Steins;Gate".

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  • RE: PlayStation 4 App Known Issues & Updates

    @Mrluis613 Yes, more fixes are coming, but I don't know the status of the ones you specifically mentioned. If you are experiencing load issues, please submit a ticket via this form:

    If it says, "Cannot be fixed," then no. It either means that we aren't fixing it likely ever because it's an extreme edge case or it means that it literally cannot be fixed. The issue with the prefix text is an edge case.

    I have updated the Issues list with what will be coming in v. 3.12. Please look forward to it.

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  • RE: New York Comic Con Possibility?

    Pop into the Discord chat.

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  • RE: Rotate screen in landscape mode on iOS

    @sirbiscuit On mobile, that is intended. Landscape mode is only available in the player. Portrait mode is only available outside of the player. On tablet, (I think, but would need to verify) landscape mode is available from inside and outside of the player, while portrait mode is not available.

    If you'd like a landscape view on the mobile app outside of the player, please create a new thread here in the Suggestions Box subforum.

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  • RE: PlayStation 3 App Known Issues & Updates

    @DragonHEF01 @lethomas408 Does it happen if you fast forward and then play through the ad? We do have an open issue where this is happening. The issue did not happen when I let the video play without fast forwarding when I last tested for this bug.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Launch the PlayStation app while logged out.
    2. Select "Explore" to browse as an anonymous user.
    3. Search for "one piece" and select "One Piece"
    4. Select "Season 1"
    5. Select "Episode 1"
    6. Let the Episode play the pre-roll ad.
    7. Immediately fast forward to just before the first AIP.
    8. Watch the ad again. The episode will start over from the beginning.
    9. Push up on the controller. The fast forward and rewind controls will be missing as if ads were playing.

    Is the above what you are experiencing? If so, then if you don't fast forward, you should be able to get through the videos. Also, because this issue only affects videos with ads, Premium subscribers are mostly not affected. We have a couple shows that still serve ads to subscribers.

    Please let me know if you experience this issue without fast forwarding or possibly when you resume a video and then reach another ad without fast forwarding. I will need to update the steps to reproduce on the bug report.

    Thank you.

    Ref: 8298

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  • RE: PlayStation FunimationNow App Feedback

    @fatman123 Thank you, but this is a known issue. Even if the user reinstalls the app, the issue will likely manifest again when the user manually pauses playback, then leaves the PS4 until it goes into rest mode, waits at least 30 minutes, and then tries to resume playback.

    The issue is not happening in the latest test build, v. 3.12, so the user just needs to wait for that update. In the meantime, extending the time before the PS4 goes into rest mode may also help.

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  • RE: PlayStation 3 App Known Issues & Updates

    @emdier This issue occurs because the app can only support HDMI or component cable (red-green-blue) connections. It does not support composite cable (yellow) connections.

    First, make sure your PS3 is on the latest firmware. Then make sure your PS3 is connected to your TV via an HDMI or component cable. After that follow the steps below:

    1. Select the Settings option.
    2. Choose Display Settings.
    3. Select Video Display Output.
    4. Select the type of connection you use.
    5. Choose your TV's resolution.
    6. Close the app.
    7. Restart the PS3.
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