I enjoyed the series, although like most others here I feel that it was slow to start and I felt it was Odd how the episodes progressed with the whole "disney singing" with Saya singing that song every morning in almost every episode. I thought that it was a weird mix of how she was during the day to how the events played out at night with her hunting the Elder Bairns, although I felt that their introduction into the story was inventive and when the series ended it was awesome and unexpected with the massacre of the town and threw out everything that was REALLY happening in the town (the setting of everyone being so happy and the town definitely left a creepy impression and finding out the truth was pretty good) The movie was also good, but as others here have stated the motive of the main bad guy is kind of Vague. Obviously he fell in love with her, but I don't get what the reward was all about? Like she was supposedly supposed to be able to feed off of humans again or something? But he also said that he wasn't human at the end so she wasn't able to kill humans? They left out way too much of that whole scenario and how it was supposed to play out…NEED MORE INFO to understand that aspect of it. Also this makes me question....Is this Saya supposed to be the original Saya from the Movie Blood: the last vampire? Or is this like Blood+ and takes place in alternate universe/version of Saya with a completely different story line? The end of the Movie "last dark" when they show Saya walking by looks an awful lot like the Original Saya from Blood: the last vampire movie only with different hair color. Overall good show (although slow to start ) and I liked the movie , but some answers to these questions would be most appreciated. Also do you guys think they'll make another "Blood" anime series in the future? and what do you think we can expect if they do?