• Discuss anything that doesn't belong in another forum. Conventions, fan art, AMV's, cosplay, anime clubs, dogs, cats, planes, trains, automobiles, tinkers, tailors, soldiers, spies, tribbles, cheese...

  • Anything that is animated, but not made in Japan and not licensed by Funimation goes here. Whether it's 2 minutes long and made in Antarctica or 5 hours long and only on YouTube, you can talk about it right here.

  • Video games, card games, tabletop games - take a break from schooling your friends and share your tips and taunts.

  • Your favorite theme songs, new J-Rock, video game music, your own band, or whatever it is that's stuck in your head, talk about it here.

  • Forum games and random topics. No chatting. No spam.

  • A scause for a cause? Post all your petitions right here.

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