Funimation Announces May 2021 Home Video Releases, Including Plunderer and Infinite Dendrogram

Welcome to this month’s home video solicitations. And though the word “solicitations” might sound boring, it’s actually very exciting, because it means there’s a whole mess of new anime announced that you’ll probably want to add to your shelf!

September 2018 Home Video Releases

This September, we're bringing shows on shows on shows to our anime shop! Not only are we putting out new titles likes Saga of Tanya the Evil, Aokana, and Re:ZERO, but we're putting out complete series in a single...

Women in Game Development: Anime and IRL

After watching NEW GAME!, we wanted to hear from women working in game development, and share their stories with you all!

How to Run Your Own “NEW GAME! Game Jam”

Have you ever wanted to try to make a video game? Join us and make your own!

November 2017 Home Video Releases

November 2017 will make you thankful for all the hits that are coming out! Your Name., Iron Blooded Orphans, NEW GAME!, 91 Days, and more are coming to Blu-ray/DVD!

Leveled Up Anime – Our Favorite Video Game-Themed Anime

Since "And you thought there is never a girl online?" is out on Blu-ray/DVD, we're going to take a look at our favorite video game anime. This will be anime that is based on games, about playing games, or even being in the games.

NEW GAME! (Season 1) English Cast Announcement

This Summer, we're going into the game studios with the anime, NEW GAME! As announced earlier, NEW GAME!! season 2 has a SimulDub for summer 2017 and season 1 will be released this July. In fact just tomorrow (7/14), episodes 1-6 are coming to FunimationNow streaming and episodes 7-12 launch on 7/28! See the English cast announcement here!

Summer 2017 SimulDubs on FunimationNow!

As we roll into a new season of anime, that means new SimulDubs! See what Funimation has in store for the Summer season and also their English cast announcements here on this blog. Quick Guide - Click to navigate...

Latest News

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The Honor at Magic High School Heads to Class on Funimation This Summer

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Sonny Boy Debuts Funimation-Commissioned Key Visual For Sci-Fi Survival Series

The latest original anime from director Shingo Natsume, Sonny Boy, is almost here, and we're excited to reveal a very special key...

New Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU Trailer Details the Continued Struggle

The summer season is approaching fast, and we've got another look at the upcoming Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU series, thanks...

Funimation Summer Season Preview Recap: Reveals, Sneak Peeks & More!

The Funimation Summer Season Preview has officially wrapped, and wow, talk about an eventful hour.  Announcements, first looks and...