The Detective Is Already Dead Reveals “True” Version of Fifth Visual

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Spoiler warning for The Detective Is Already Dead!

After a heartbreaking twist in Episode 8, the official The Detective Is Already Dead Twitter account revealed the “true” version of the anime’s fifth visual, which was originally released in May.

The update presents a brighter time of day for Siesta, Kimizuka and Alicia as they stroll across London’s Westminster Bridge.

Part of the tweet reads, “So that three people can one day walk side by side once more.” 

“True” versions of the anime’s second and third visuals were also previously revealed.

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If you enjoy an action-packed but sentimental mystery series, The Detective Is Already Dead is simulcasting right now on Funimation, with new episodes every Sunday!

Synopsis: Thwarting a hijacking with the beautiful, silver-haired detective, Siesta, transforms Kimihiko’s young life. Their success kicks off years of crime-solving and confronting syndicates around the world—until Siesta dies. Left with questions, Kimihiko moves on.

But now, a new case may open healed wounds as it connects to an assassin, a world conspiracy and his dead partner! 

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Source: The Detective Is Already Dead official Twitter account

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