Kakushigoto Movie Shows Off Extended Trailer and Glimpse of Hime’s Mom

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If you loved the heartwarming, wholesome father-daughter duo in Kakushigoto, then we’ve got some news for you!

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The official website for the upcoming Kakushigoto compilation film has revealed a special, extended trailer, new key visual and theme songs ahead of its release in Japan. We also got our first glimpse of Hime’s long lost mother before tragedy separated the family.

The film, titled Gekijou-henshuuban Kakushigoto -Himegoto wa nan desuka- will feature the opening and ending themes from the anime series, with a soundtrack releasing on June 9, along with cast recordings of the ending theme!

Gekijou-henshuuban Kakushigoto -Himegoto wa nan desuka- is set for a theatrical release in Japan on July 9.

The series follows mangaka Kakushi Goto, a single father whose absolute goal is to keep his job of drawing lewd manga a secret from his innocent daughter, Hime.

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The film recaps the events of the anime series with a new ending promised, one not seen in the original series. And if you haven’t experienced the emotional hilarity of Kakushigoto, you can catch the series subbed and dubbed right here on Funimation.

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Source: Kakushigoto official website

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