New Year’s Resolution: Never Skip Butt Day. Your Keijo Workout Begins Now!

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Wanna get hip-whipped into shape for the new year? Your Keijo training begins now!


Today is Day 1 of the Never Skip Butt Day challenge!**



10 Hip Tosses

3 sets


Day 2. Take your New Year’s resolution seriassly.



8 Hip Whips

3 sets per side



Day 3. A true Keijo asslete sticks to her buns!



8 Tire Rolls

2 sets


Day 4. Where all our gluteal gladiators at??



12 Squats

4 sets



Day 5. No butts no glory



100 Butt Figure Eights



**Always consult your physician or doctor before attempting these, or any other rigorous Keijo moves.

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