Eyeshine Texas Spring Tour Dates

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Ok, if you’re an anime fan then you’re most likely familiar with the likes of Bleach, Trigun, Akira, heck, maybe even Power Rangers. Well, if so, then the name Johnny Yong Bosch is one that you probably recognize. What you may not know is that the JYB is also part of a band called Eyeshine, and they’re awesome. They’re also pretty good friends of FUNimation, and we’re thrilled that they’re going to be touring in Texas starting next week!

The Eyeshine Texas Spring Tour dates are out, and they’re kicking off the tour on March 23rd in our neighborhood—Dallas. A few of us here will be attending to show our support for the band, and we hope to see you there. If you can, try and make it to some of their other shows. See tour dates below, or go to their website.

Date Venue City
Mar 23 The Battlefield Bar Dallas, TX
Mar 24 Brandon Callies, The Parish Austin, TX
Mar 25 Omarr Awake, Red Eyed Fly Austin, TX
Mar 27 Bond’s Rock Bar San Antonio, TX
Mar 28 Nightrocker Live San Antonio, TX
Mar 30 Mary’s Blood, Hyatt Regency Houston, TX

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